Young Drivers Race in KPE & Haolian on Instastory; Got Reposted on Facebook


I hate it when older people think of me as a typical millennial. Because let’s face it: there is a strong stigma against the millennial generation.

We are frequently thought of as a lazy, demanding and reckless group of silly youths. More often than not, I find myself having to put up a good fight for my generation– that we too can be diligent and down-to-earth.

But just as I’m almost convinced that I’m leading a victorious battle, some rebels ruin it.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s what happened: On Monday Dec 3, a video was uploaded on Singapore Reckless Drivers’ Facebook page.

For some reason, it was deleted shortly after, but had since garnered over 90,000 views.

The Video 

They say it takes two hands to clap and I wonder how many stupid hands it took for this silly race to occur.

Folks, if you ‘re looking to reaffirm your negative feelings towards us– the millennial generation– this video will serve its purpose.

Otherwise, turn away or bury your heads because history will definitely repeat itself.

In case you can’t see it, the video is a collection of Instagram stories. Why did the video go viral? Well, it showed a car racing another down the roads that you and I travel on.

If it makes things slightly less uncomfortable to hear, at least the person filming the race was a passenger in the backseat.

Image: Facebook (Stomp)
Image: Facebook (Stomp)

To make things easier to understand, let’s call the car the Instagrammer is being driven in car A. The other car is car B.


So Car A zooms past car B, leaving the latter far behind. Later on, car B catches up on the lane next to car A and you can see one of the passengers leaning out of the window (which was wound down, of course) a tortoise.

The Instagrammer also shouts “tortoise” at car B’s driver. And if you had your “sound on” at the instagrammer’s request, you can actually hear the engine of car A revving up. Let us not forget the profanities the Instagrammer exclaimed to highlight how fast Car A was going at.

Call me a prude, but I really don’t see what is so ‘HAHAHA’ about the situation. You can actually hear howling laughter from the idiots in car A throughout the episode.

At one point, the two cars actually halted to begin the race at the same imaginary starting line. One guy even did the pre-race counting, “1…2…3, go!”

The video ended with car A taking the lead and our favorite Instagrammer going, “So I guess we all now who the winner is now, huh?”


Here, you can watch the meaningless video yourself:

The Law

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there is no winner in this situation. In fact, there are only losers.

Just last year, a Lamborghini was forfeited to the state, under the order of the court. The reason? Well, just another fool who was caught racing illegally along Seletar Link towards Tampines Expressway. According to the Straits Times, the offender was jailed for two weeks, fined $2,5000 and he had to forfeit the car he was driving in.

If convicted of driving dangerously under the law, drivers face fines up to $5,000 and/or up to 12 months of jail. Offenders may also be banned from driving.


And to you foolish youths who thought it was cool to record your stupidity, good luck to you.