Youngest Death Due to COVID-19 in S’pore Had Been Cleared of the Virus a Week Before She Died

The problem with Covid-19 statistics is that they don’t tell the whole story.

When we see that Singapore has 18 deaths, we think of it as a good thing, because it’s a much lower number when compared to countries like the US or China.

But every Covid-19 patient that passes leaves behind a grieving family who will have to live with the pain of their loss long after the pandemic is over.

And some of their stories are truly heartbreaking.

Youngest Death Due to COVID-19 in S’pore Had Been Cleared of the Virus a Week Before She Died

On 30 April, Singapore announced its youngest Covid-19 death: a 58-year-old female Singaporean citizen.

Salha Mesbee, Case 703, had travelled to Turkey with her husband before she tested positive for the coronavirus on 26 Mar, according to Berita Mediacorp.

Mesbee did not have a history of other illnesses, but she soon fell critically ill.

“She was admitted into the intensive care unit because her lungs were weak and her blood pressure low. Then it started to spread to other organs such as her kidney and heart. The doctor said she was one of the more critical patients,” Ms Noraisah, her daughter said.

But then the family received some good news: Mesbee was declared virus-free by her doctors, and the family was hopeful she would make a recovery.

“Her battle with Covid-19 had ended. We were happy because she no longer had the disease,” said Ms Noraisah.

Found Swelling In Brain

But just a day later, Mesbee’s condition had severely deteriorated.

A doctor who was examining Mesbee’s eyes noticed that she wasn’t responding to light. A CT scan later showed that she had some swelling on her brain.

The next morning, the doctor confirmed she was brain dead, which meant she would have to rely on life support.

“We had to make the decision to keep going or to let her go”, Ms. Noraisah said.

Sadly, the 58-year-old passed away a week later.

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Since Mesbee had been declared virus-free before her death, the family was allowed to bring her body home for the funeral rites.

A Joyful Person Who Was Well-Liked

Mesbee’s daughter said that her mother was well-liked and an active member at her mosque and Residents’ Committee.

“Everyone is affected by her death. She was a joyful person who cared about others. They know her character and feel the loss,” she said.

Trip To Turkey Was Honeymoon

The most heartbreaking part about this whole story is that Mesbee and her husband had gone to Turkey to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

It was also the first time the couple had been on a “honeymoon” since they got married 38 years ago.

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Mesbee’s daughter said the couple was inseparable, and that the children are doing everything they can to help their father through this painful period.

“My parents went everywhere together. At the moment, we are giving our father the full support he needs to move forward”.


Some Family Members Tested Positive

Mesbee leaves behind her husband, three children, and five grandchildren.

Her husband and her two sons also contracted the disease.

The four family members were treated at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, but the three men later recovered and were discharged, according to CNA.

Goody Feed offers our condolences to the family.

No Group Is Safe From The Disease

Most of us assume that only the old and those with underlying conditions will fall critically ill after contracting the coronavirus, but as Mesbee’s death shows, this is not the case.


In fact, as the Washington Post reported, young and middle-aged people who are barely sick with Covid-19 are dying of strokes, some of whom didn’t even know they were infected.

So, if you’ve been flouting the circuit breaker rules because you think you’re immune to the dangers of the disease, remember that the virus kills indiscriminately.

And even if you don’t want to believe this, at least follow the rules for the sake of your family members, who are probably more at risk than you are.

Covid-19 is not the flu. It is far more lethal than that.


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