Youths Filmed Pouring Coke & Curry Down Buildings for IG Videos

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My imaginary kids always say that I’m not a cool dad. You don’t know what it’s like to be cool. Yeah, dad! The opposite of you is cool. 

The older generation of Singaporeans doesn’t have the most glowing impression of the younger generation today.

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They think they’re stupid, immature and willing to risk their lives for the littlest things. Either that or make other people’s life’s hard because “it’s fun” or that “it’s cool”.

But seriously, if what the kids in the following videos did are supposed to be cool, I hope my imaginary kids stay nerdy and uncool in school.

At least they’ll be alive.

S’porean Youth Feat in IG Video

On 22 Sep, STOMP reported on this group of youths who thought it’ll be a good idea to YOLO.

And catch it all on film.

It showed one youth seated at the edge of a building and pouring coke out of a bottle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t known where exactly the incident took place.

While the youth was pouring the coke down the building, his friends were laughing happily while swearing in awe.

Image: Tenor

Here, you can watch the video for yourself below:

YouTube video

There’s also Curry Rain

Pouring stuff off buildings seemed to be a trend right now.

Because a short trawl on @netizensofsingapore’s Instagram page revealed that coke isn’t the only item used for “rain”.

There’s curry too.


View this post on Instagram


I bet all of you $1 each that this is going to Stomp😂 [creds: @doublebursts]

A post shared by @ netizensofsingapore on

With a grape, according to what the youth in the video said.


Previous Stupid-Worthy Actions Caught on Camera

This isn’t a one-time thing either.

More and more young people are caught on film doing stupid stuff and uploaded onto social media platforms.

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Like the boy who ran onto a road and did push-ups.


A month ago, this dude decided it was a good idea to run to the middle of a road, allegedly in Bukit Batok, do five clapping push-ups, before running back to safety.

And it wasn’t in the middle of the night where traffic is at its minimal. It was done in the mid of the day, on what seemed to be a busy road.

And throughout the entire incident, his friends behind the camera were laughing at his antics instead of trying to stop him.

Legend has it that till this day, he’s still knocking it down on the roads. Okay, just kidding. Nothing is known about what happened to the kid in the video.



You can blame the kids in the video, but honestly, those people who were laughing and clapping along ought to take some of the blame, too. What think-ed you?

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