If You’ve Always Wondered Why You Need To Serve NS, You Must Watch This Video

Image: OurSingaporeArmy YouTube Channel


Let’s face it: most of us know the importance of serving NS, but we just sort of resent the fact that we are the one who needs to be involved in this duty, right?

Well, granted that some of us do feel proud to be doing their service, the fact remains that we’ll lose two years of our life—and we can do a lot of things in two years.

If you’re having that thought, here’s one video that might just tell you why you must suit up to be in your FBO for two years.

Because without your two years, we can’t do anything for the rest of our life.

Here’s the transcript of the beautiful narration that is so well-expressed, I could almost memorize it.

Two years…was all they said.

Two years…was all that’s needed of me.

Two years…I could have been happy.


I would be spending the time I had with the love of my life.

As we planned and hoped for the future.

I could have had opportunities as I started working as a young aspiring designer in this world.

I could have made it big and accomplished something I’ve never thought possible.

I could have…and I should have…


In those two years, I’ve learnt that without me, there won’t be any future for the love of my life.

Without me, young aspiring kids won’t even have a world to live in.

And in those two years, I truly saw the importance of friendship, of brotherhood and of camaraderie, regardless of where we come from.

Until today, I still believe my brothers would die for me, as I could for them.

Singapore gave me my brothers

Singapore gave me my success.

Singapore gave me my wife and son.

Singapore gave me a home.

Although I’ve finished my National Service

What I’ve learnt in two years


I’ve gained for one lifetime.

Whenever Singapore needs me, I’ll be there.

Image: Giphy

So no matter where you are right now:

  • You could be waiting to enlist
  • Struggling to pass IPPT
  • Going back for RT
  • Going back for ICT despite the work piling up

Just remember, what you learn in two years, you’ll gain for one lifetime.


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