If You’ve Been Charging Your Phone Overnight, These Facts Might Interest You


Last Updated on 2023-04-28 , 8:45 am

With apps like Instagram, games and many more, not only are we exceeding our data limit, but also draining our phone battery.

Our phone batteries are depleting faster than ever, and one of the best thing we can do is to charge our phone overnight. This way, we can wake up to 100% battery, satisfying our need to scroll through Instagram the moment we wake up.

Charging Your Phone Overnight, Good or Bad?

However, many of us have also heard that charging our phones overnight is actually detrimental to the battery health of our phones. True or false?

It is in fact, false.

When the phone is fully charged, the phone is smart enough to prevent overcharging. Hence charging your phone overnight will not drastically harm the battery life span of your phone.

We’re Not Giving You the Go-Ahead To Charge Your Phone Overnight

However, lithium-ion batteries can react poorly when the temperature of your phone increases.


When you charge your phone with a phone case on, the heat from the phone will be trapped. Cell oxidation will occur as the temperature of the battery increases due to the trapped heat and this will reduce the capacity and shorten the lifespan of the battery.

In other words, your batteries will have a shorter lifespan. Following this theory, it will be wise for us to remove the phone case if we are to charge our phones overnight.

It’s not How You Do it, but Where You Do it

Where we charge our phones is important as well.

We often charge our phones overnight while putting it on our beds or even under the pillow. The same theory applies here: if your phone is under your pillow, heat can’t escape and you’ll kill your battery.

Here’s How You Should Actually Charge Your Phone

To maximise the lifespan of phone batteries, it is recommended to charge your phone in short spurts throughout the day instead of one daily charge up.

What you charge your phone with is also important. It is best to charge your phone with chargers and cables that is manufactured by official sellers.

Cheap chargers and cables from a third party seller might come with hefty hidden costs. They might not meet safety standards and could cause dangerous situations such as electrocution, burns and even house fires.

So as a baseline: don’t do it.

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