Zhang Ziyi’s Ex-Husband Denied Knowing His Current Influencer GF Before Divorce


If you like to watch movies like the Rush Hour series, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and the Cloverfield Paradox, you’d be familiar with the Chinese actress and model Zhang Ziyi.

She has 63 award wins and 68 nominations in total, including 3 BAFTA nominations. Those wins and nominations range from Best Actress to Best Performance across different awards and categories.

An incredibly talented woman, no doubt – but her name had been floating around recently because of her ex-husband’s new relationship.

High-Profile Divorce with Chinese Rock Singer Wang Feng

In October 2023, the former couple posted similar statements on their Weibo accounts informing fans of their divorce. In a now privated post, they thanked everyone for their support but they had decided that their marriage was to be “dissolved” after eight years together.

The post included that there was “no right or wrong” between them and that the “separation doesn’t mean disappointment or betrayal”. In fact, they plan to co-parent their two children – an eight-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son.

Zhang’s then-husband, Wang Feng, had two other daughters from a previous marriage and relationship.

Before their divorce, they would always post pictures of their family life on their social media but fans noticed that they had stopped nearing the announcement of their divorce.

New Girlfriend After Divorce – Too Soon? 

As Asian couples post about their partners on “520” day – a day that celebrates love and falls on 20 May coined in China (due to its numerical date that sounds like “I love you” in Mandarin), Wang Feng posted about his new relationship on Weibo.

However, it wasn’t all that romantic. In that “520” post, not only did Wang announce that he was dating a new social media influencer, Li Qiao, it was to clear the air about some intense accusations of cheating.

Rumours of them dating rose after the paparazzi saw him and his new girlfriend out during Mother’s Day, together with his children.

In a section of the statement, he said that he was impressed by her work ethic, her personality and her character. They started dating four months after meeting each other.

To fans, the timing was suspicious, and his comments section wasn’t too friendly, accusing him of cheating on his ex-wife Zhang.

Clearing the Air

In the same statement as his dating announcement, he emphasised that he had met his now-girlfriend Li Qiao two months after he divorced Zhang. They met in Xinjiang because of work.

In addition to Wang’s new relationship announcement, his new girlfriend Li Qiao also posted a video on Weibo a day after (21 May) reiterating that they had only begun dating earlier this year and that they had previously met to discuss a work collaboration.

Wang doubled down in his statement, saying that speculations from fans about his infidelity are “purely slander”.

He and his agency also issued a notice, warning netizens that they would take legal action against people who spread misinformation about him and his loved ones.