Mark Zuckerberg Responds to Elon Musk’s Repeated Posts About a Cage Fight


Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. The duo are like Tom and Jerry.

Always bickering and chasing each other, but no real harm is done to either party.

In the latest dance between the two, the “cage fight” that both men were so eager to get on with looks to be called off.

How disappointing.

Here is what happened.

Mark Zuckerberg Wants to “Move On” From “Cage Fight” With Elon Musk

Mark Zuckerberg has spoken.

The “cage fight” between the two tech juggernauts, Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, is no more.

Zuckerberg used the social media platform Threads to announce “it’s time to move on” from the fight.


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The reason was that Musk was not “serious” about the fight. He also complained about how Musk was being evasive about the fight details.

Zuckerberg’s post said that Musk “won’t confirm a date” and also put off the fight by saying that “he needs surgery”.

Zuckerberg also allegedly said that the two men should “do a practice round in [Zuckerberg’s] backyard”.

Although Zuckerberg sounded fed up with Musk, he didn’t forget to dangle a low jab at Musk. Zuckerberg said that Musk “knows how to reach [him]” if the latter “ever gets serious about a real date and official event”.

In the meantime, you can bet that Zuckerberg is not resting on his laurels. He declared his intention to “focus on competing with people who take the sport seriously”.

Elon Musk Had Issued a Fight Invitation to Mark Zuckerberg Earlier This Year

This final word from Zuckerberg puts an end to Musk’s earlier invitation that the two men do a cage fight.

Earlier this year, Musk had suggested that his rival engage in a fight to one-up one another.


There was even a suggestion by Musk that the fight take place in Italy.

Physical fights may raise eyebrows in the modern world, but it may not be that surprising since the two men are heavily embroiled in competition and are known to have beef with one another.

In fact, it’s like watching local influencers fight with each other for their “territory”.

Remember the fallout between Xiaxue, KayKay and QiuQiu? All that online call-outs are like seeing history repeat itself.

For those unaware, Musk owns X (formerly known as Twitter), while Zuckerberg owns Threads, a Twitter-esque social media platform which unfortunately failed to take off.


As Threads is a newly launched competitor of X, perhaps all of this was nothing but a big publicity stunt for the men.

If so, then Musk may have been taken for a ride with Zuckerberg’s online jabs.