10 Best Foods in World Food Fair Happening at S’pore Expo in Sep 2017

Good news Singapore foodies! There is another food fair coming up this September 7 to 10.

You have probably heard about it, but if you have been searching the Internet for more information, you will realize one thing – there isn’t a lot of information on it.

Not to worry, here’s a quick peep at some of the vendors that are going to the World Food Fair 2017.

1. Thai Durian Fruit Stick (Booth E9)


If you love durian, you are going to love this superb lovely Thai Durian Fruit Stick. It smells and tastes just like a real durian! Of course, it is made of real durian, hence the superb vibes! Be sure to check it out.

2. Taiwan Cheese-filled Chicken Cutlet (Booth B27)

Image: wap.koudaijipai.com

Singaporeans love Taiwan’s 大雞扒 but have you tried one that is filled with cheese? This is an all-new stall at the World Food Fair 2017. Even the name of the stall is interesting, called G排. Seriously, what is G排? It apparently meant “Good Chicken”!

3. KE Cha SG (Booth D23)

Image: Facebook

This is yet another new concept tea that reminds one of 純粹喝. Even the packaging pattern is similar. Tall, thin beautiful bottle with their name on it. Nonetheless, we should give them a try. Who knows, maybe they are better!

4. SG Teochew Crystal Buns (Booth E21 & E23)

Image: sg.asia-city.com

Ooo…every Teochew loves crystal buns, right? Well, technically no. Many Singaporeans like crystal buns, because they are just soooo yummilicious! I have once seen a halal version and I was so happy to see our Muslim friends enjoying them! Unfortunately, I am not sure if the ones at the Food Fair will be halal…

5. SG Satay (Booth K32)

If you have not heard about satay, you are either a newly-arrived foreigner or living in a well all these times! Satay is one of our favourites, and you can be sure that they will be there at the Food Fair!

6. Japanese Wagyu Beef (Booth E11)

Beef lovers, take note! There will be the delectable Japanese wagyu beef that you absolutely adored at the fair. There is also a possibility that the price point will be lower.

7. SG Emo Fries (Booth E25)

Image: singaporefoodshows.com.sg

OK, I find this totally cute. They are called EMO Fries, which kinda aligned them with comfort food. For those who understand Chinese, their name in Chinese is called 餓魔薯條!

Isn’t that totally cute? Even their logo is of a little red devil. Anyway, I think we should at least go support them since they are our local sellers!

8. SG Salted Egg Custard Bun (Booth A26)

The salted egg craze in Singapore is huge! Almost any food that you can stick the words “salted eggs” on it has been released into the market. Salted egg custard buns are definitely not a new item on the salted egg adventure so far, but local ones mean fresh! Just try it, I’ll say!

9.vTaiwan Pineapple Tarts (Booth E14)

Singaporeans who travel to Taiwan will bring back pineapple tarts, sun biscuits (太陽餅) and mochi! These foods are part of the food pilgrimage that Singaporeans make, some of which is a yearly affair. If you are not heading to Taiwan anytime soon, why not buy them at the Food Fair?

10. Korea Crispy Roll (Booth G14)

Now, we are all in love with Korea, isn’t it? How about some Korean Crispy Rolls to top it out? These crispy rolls are such an addiction, that once you pop, you can’t stop!

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