10 Carouhell Images That Are Funny AF Yet Sad

If you have had the experience of using Carousell before, well, chance are you would have met one or two of these um… silly people on the app. I mean, most people are just there to make some quick cash, and the least you can do is to show them a wee bit of respect by not making a fool of yourselves and your low ball offers, right? 

But I mean, some people just don’t get it.

1. The Trump seeker 

Well…. uhh…. nuuuu?

2. The one that obviously don’t get it

Just enough to cover the things I need to cover. 

3. Is your Indian name Monica Lim?

This guy deserves an award for being the ultimate troll.

4. Well… that escalated quickly 

5. Aiyo you poor thing

My mother did not let me out, so it’s not my fault that I ghosted on you.

6. Ouch, how rude

Sorry to disappoint but my dad don’t have. 

7. The last sentence though 

*Several bouts of hysterical laughter later*

I’m not very smart if you can’t tell already. 

8. Okay lor, you win.

Come, I clap for you.

9. Hmm, how about a no?

10. But I mean, good things don’t come easy

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All images from: www.carouhell.tumblr.com

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