10 Facts About Singles’ Day (11.11), Except That There are Many Sales Online

Sure. As far as you’ve heard, Singles’ Day is pretty much in the same boat as Cyber Sales Day which happened a couple of weeks ago.

But did you know that there was way more details behind this other online sale that’s coming on soon?

Here’s 10 things you’d want to know about 11.11 and what it entails too.

A Brainchild of Students
Back in the 90s, a bunch of kids in China decided that they needed to have an agenda and tag it with some activities to kill their boredom and loneliness. A shopping spree was what they felt was the best thing to do, and doing it online seemed like an even better way of doing it!

All the Single Women – Hands Up
For single ladies, 11.11 works for them as a cure for the treacherous Valentine’s Day. Not sure why just women, but yeah.

What do the numbers 11.11 Represent?
Sure, those four no.1s look a lot like sticks, and in China this is known to symbolize gunzi, guanggun or well, bachelors.

Image: Richway Tech

Most Popular Products on Sale
People tend to shop the most for clothes, make-up, appliances and household stuff. Not really surprising, isn’t it?

Alibaba’s Laid Its Mark
Back in 2009, Alibaba turned Singles’ Day into an online shopping extravaganza. The company has even trademarked the signature 11.11 feature in 2012.

Biggest Selling Company Items On 11.11
This includes the big names like XiaoMi, Haier, Uniqlo and Huawei. Well, because it’s essentially a “Chinese” culture. Sort of.

Similar Online Sales
In the USA, there’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales which is also mostly online or super-sales days. This year, it’s on 24 November and 27 November respectively.

Why Do People Love Singles’ Day?
Consumers love the kick-ass bargain prices and packages that’s being thrown their way from the likes of Amazon China, Taobao Marketplace, Alibaba and JD.com, including many other platforms. Merchants love the fact that it’s the one day of the year where buyers go crazy online and just shop till their fingers can’t click anymore.

Online shopping gone mad, y’all. And of course, singles won’t remember that they’re singles #justsaying

Guinness World Record by Alibaba
Two years ago, Alibaba set the Guinness record for the largest sales in 24 hours at US$14.3 billion GMV.

Singles’ Day and China’s Economy
The sale is so well-regarded there, it’s set the bar to indicate the country’s shopping appetite and its consumer purchasing power too.

Hmmm… Looks like we have to participate this year to enter the madness and see if we come out with our wallets still having cash in them. It’ll be fun, mah.

Happy Singles’ Day in advance, everyone!

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