10 Facts About The New Interchange in Compassvale

Residents in Sengkang will be in for a new interchange from 12 March 2017 onwards. Surely they will be able to look forward to more bus services and improved connectivity with the opening of the new Compassvale Bus Interchange.

Here are some of the things you can look out for, because it’s not every day that a bus interchange pops out! 

1. Connected 

Sengkang residents rejoice as the new bus interchange will be linked with Sengkang Integrated Transport Hub through a sheltered pedestrian overhead bridge and a crossing. Now that everything is so interconnected, even the mall is within walking distance to the interchange! 

2. New Service

There will be a new service 374 connecting Sengkang West to Sengkang Town Centre, as well as the bus interchange and the MRT. This will be really convenient, being how the connectivity to key amenities will be enhanced. Sengkang Sports Complex and Compass One shopping mall will be within reach. Not to mention the future Sengkang General Hospital. 

3. Future Bus Routes

Apart from Service 374, the new bus interchange will also cater for future bus routes which will be introduced in tandem with the developments in Sengkang. 

4. Sengkang MRT/LRT

The interchange is also connected to Sengkang Bus Interchange and Sengkang MRT/LRT Station via an overhead bridge across Sengkang Square. Switching over to MRT from a bus? No problem, the overhead bridge got you covered. 

5. Priority Queues

As part of the Land Transport Authority’s efforts to create a more inclusive public transport system, the design of the concourse area has also been enhanced to feature priority queues with seats for the elderly and disabled. 

6. Nursing Room

To make it more convenient for parents and caregivers travelling with infants and young children, there will be a standalone nursing room with diaper changing amenities and a wash basin. 

Yeah, in a bus interchange. How cool is that?

7. Barrier-free Facilities

Fully equipped with barrier-free facilities, the new bus interchange will have a dedicated boarding point at each berth and graduated kerb edges to facilitate boarding of passengers in a wheelchair. 

8. Bicycle Racks

Also, the bus interchange will feature 40 bicycle racks to facilitate active mobility and enhance first-and-last-mile connectivity. This is a good way to exercise with more bicycle riding! No more bicycles lying around an interchange anymore!

9. History 

Located opposite Sengkang Bus Interchange, Compassvale Bus Interchange was built to increase the capacity of the existing interchange. It is bordered by Compassvale Road, Sengkang East Way and Sengkang Square. 

10. Interchange Facilities

As usual, the interchange includes facilities such as the interchange offices, driver’s lounge, toilets, and provisions for a canteen, along with other ancillary rooms. What’s surprising, eh? 

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