10 Foods You Technically Cannot Dabao Back from M’sia to S’pore

Weekend trips to our friendly neighbour often gives us great meals at affordable prices.

But what if you’re planning to pack your food back to Singapore instead? Many of us have done it, but is it technically legit? AVA has some rules if you want to dabao some things back home.

1. Excess fruit and vegetables

Small quantities of fruit and vegetables are allowed, like the size of a hand carry bag. Just don’t bring box after box like you just plucked them from an orchard, and you’ll be able to pass through without the trouble of needing a permit or the threat of a fine.

But if you bring in too many…well, the best solution is to makan all of them before coming back to Singapore. Hey, it’s healthy, isn’t it?

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2. Eggs

If you don’t want to tread on eggshells, you’re better off just buying eggs in Singapore. Only hen eggs from a few countries are allowed in Singapore, but not from Malaysia.

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3. Warm cooked seafood

Though things like fish products and crab meat or prawn meat are allowed from Malaysia, they have to be frozen after cooked. Getting these dishes with your economy rice or bee hoon would probably not be a good idea, unless you intend to makan all of them before boarding the bus.

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4. Uncooked seafood

If your seafood is raw, all the more you shouldn’t bring it across. I mean, the smell itself is enough to turn you off, isn’t it?

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5. Live or frozen oysters

As stated by AVA, ‘Each person is allowed a maximum of 5kg of seafood products, out of which a maximum of only 2 kg of frozen cooked crabmeat and frozen cooked prawn meat is allowed’ Live or frozen oysters are only permitted if they come from countries like Australia, Canada, or The Netherlands, to name a few.

from nationalgeographic.com

6. Excess bird nest

Not more than 1kg of bird nest can be brought into Singapore, but there are no limits placed on the value of it allowed.

from chinesecookingrecipes.net

7. Milk powder

Malaysia’s laws also states that milk powder cannot be taken out of Malaysia. Imagine the few hundreds you could have saved on cheaper milk powder!

from paramdairy.com

8. Meat

Be it beef, mutton, pork, or poultry, you’re not allowed to bring them into Singapore, due to worries about diseases like bird flu or influenza passing around. Some meat from approved countries are allowed, but we won’t be getting our bak kwa from Malaysia any time soon.

from amazonaws.com

9. Excess processed food

Meat, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables that are processed are limited to a maximum of 5kg or 5 litres and they also can’t be worth more than $100.

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10. Fast food

Well, techinically, our favourite McDonald’s and KFC falls into a couple of the above categories. But you’ve got to be kidding when you buy (or even think of buying) McDonald’s or KFC when you’re in Malaysia, right?

from newhealthadvisor.com

Next time you’re crossing over to get back home, just remember to keep track of what’s allowed and what’s not before you lose your delicious food.

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