10 Hotels with the Prettiest Rooms You Can Bring Your BAE to Staycation at

So you’ve decided to go for a staycation with your bae, but most hotels out there don’t have the aesthetic you’re looking for. No need to look any further, we have 10 hotels here that are guaranteed to fit your requirements, regardless of what sort of chio you’re looking for.

1. Hotel Vagabond

This hotel has got the classy chic aesthetic, with rich red and gold interiors designed by French designer Jacques Garcia.

Image: tripadvisor.com

The atmosphere exudes an artsy feel, especially with that humongous golden elephant by sculptor Franck Le Ray.

Image: luxury-insider.com

The rooms are pretty damn good looking too, with a nice blend of vintage and modern influences.

Image: booking.com

Hotel Vagabond Singapore:
39 Syed Alwi Rd,
Singapore 207630
Tel: 6291 6677 

Price: From SGD 342 per night onwards.

2. Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel

Klapsons has only 17 rooms, and each of them has a different design. Talk about unique!

Look at their reception counter. It’s a ball.

Image: tripadvisor.com

Look at that fancy shower. There’s only one of it. Great hotel to bring your bae to, eh? *wink*

Image: familystaycationsg.com

Klapsons, The Boutique Hotel
15 Hoe Chiang Road
Singapore 089316
Tel: 6521 9000

Price: From SGD 264 per night onwards.

3. Lloyd’s Inn

Minimalist hotel. Perfect for the minimalist you (and your bae).

Image: lloydsinn.com

Look at the dipping pool. Can you believe this is in Orchard Road?

Image: booking.com

And the sleek and elegant room design. The clean white interiors punctuated with wooden details makes for a unique stay.

Lloyd’s Inn
2 Lloyd Road
Singapore 239091
Tel: 6737 7309

Price: From SGD 188 per night onwards.

4. Wanderlust Hotel

This adventurous hotel within Little India could be considered a hidden gem. Who would’ve thought there’s a hipster wonderland here?

Image: wanderlusthotel.com

Every floor of this loft-style hotel has a different design.

Image: wanderlusthotel.com

Each room goes with a different theme, and you’re guaranteed not to get bored here!

Image: wanderlusthotel.com

Wanderlust Hotel
2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494
Tel: 6396 3322

Price: From SGD 152 per night onwards.

5. The Quincy Hotel

This hotel doesn’t just look good, it’s got a perfect getaway plan for you and your bae, in the form of the Qool Weekend, a couples’ staycation package complete with activities and complimentary bites all day.

Image: tripadvisor.com

Oh yeah, did I mention there’s an infinity pool as well?

Image: 2bearbear.com

The Quincy Hotel
22 Mt Elizabeth
Singapore 228517
Tel: 6738 5888

Price: From SGD 275 per night onwards.

6. Studio M Hotel

Not enough loft? Studio M hotel is the first fully loft-inspired hotel in Singapore, with every room like a small loft studio apartment.

Image: bestsingaporehotels.net

Look at that reception area! Doesn’t it just scream romantic (probably shouldn’t scream though, it’s not very romantic once you scream it out)?

Image: sethlui.com

Studio M Hotel
3 Nanson Road
Singapore 238910
Tel: 6808 8888

Price: From SGD 133 per night onwards.

7. New Majestic Hotel

Another proof that traditional and pop culture can mesh together really well, with Asian inspired art styles and modern designs in the rooms.

Image: singaporetraveltips.com

Also the rooms have cute double bathtubs hehehehe.

Image: agoda.net

New Majestic Hotel:
31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089845
Tel: 6511 4700

Price: From SGD 220 per night onwards.

8. The Club Hotel

Another minimalistic hotel, this time in Chinatown, so you can easily access all the cool clubs, shops and restaurants around the area.

Image: singaporeplan.com

Look at that minimalistic design. It’s in an obviously different direction than Lloyd’s Inn, and incredible in its own right.

Image: singaporeplan.com

Even the exterior is cool as shit.

The Club Hotel:
28 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069708
Tel: 6808 2188

Price: From SGD 260 per night onwards.

9. Scarlet Hotel

This hotel simply exudes an opulent and grandiose vibe, with its extravagant and luxurious design.

Image: thescarlethotels.com

Each suite is appropriately named Passion, or Splendour, or Opulent. Looks so good, and makes you feel like a king/queen.

Image: thescarlethotels.com

The Scarlet Singapore
33 Erskine Rd
Singapore 069333
Tel: 6511 3333

Price: From SGD 150 per night onwards.

10. Ocean Suites @ Resorts World Sentosa

For a different kind of adventurous and a different type of aesthetic, you could go for the Ocean Suites at Resorts World Sentosa.

Image: meguideu.com

You get to sleep with the fishes (not in the bad way, of course. Choy!), and enjoy the breathtaking sights of the underwater world.

Image: rwsentosa.com

Ocean Suite
Resorts World Sentosa

8 Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Island

Singapore 098269

Price: From SGD 1647 per night onwards (yeah, I know, but you get what you pay for).

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