These 10 images of Girls Before & After Makeup Show You That ‘There are No Ugly Women, only Lazy Ones’

There are no ugly women; there are only lazy women. This is something you’d definitely have heard at least once in your life.

Now, I know you want to shout at me, berate me and curse at me for not understanding how a woman feels, but please see for yourself.


To be fair, she’s already decent-looking in the first place, but there’s still a spike in appearance.


She has pretty facial features, but honestly, if she walked out with no make up on I would have thought she’s one of those lifeless zombies from Walking Dead.


Her blemishes were totally concealed, and she has a rosy tinge to her cheeks!


Within an instant, she became younger by at least 10 years. At least.




A 5 to a 9, straight up.


Is make up some otherworldly product or something?


Her features got sharpened like that graphite on your pencil.


Her age just magically did a Benjamin Button.

Image: acidImage:

I’m shell-shocked.

Make up is pure magic, isn’t it? It’s like a seasoned flipper, turning mere 6s into whopping 9s!

And seeing how guys are guys, there are bound to be some sarcastic comments.


It looks like we have no way of pleasing both parties at the same time, do we? BUT, ladies, if you feel that you can live a happier life with make up on, by all means, do so.

For in the end, what matters is your own happiness; everything else comes second.

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