10 Jobs That Are Most Dangerous to Your Health. Is Yours One of Them?

When you complain that your job is killing you, you might have a point. Depending on what occupation you’re in, there may be some high risks that threaten your health, and most of the people in these areas play crucial roles in our everyday lives.

But regardless of what you think about your job, studies show that these jobs are highly dangerous to your health. Is yours one of them?

1. Radiologists

If you’ve taken an X-ray before, you might recall the various warnings or instructions given to you. Radiation from a machine that gives off radioactive materials can be harmful, and operating it all day no doubt has consequences. Moreover, being exposed to patients with disorders and diseases might mean that the risk of infection is higher.

2. Elevator installers and repairers

Do you ever wonder how the people that fix elevators in your HDB manage to maintain the elevator and still keep their cool in the hanging contraception? Being exposed to dangerous conditions is usually unnerving, and can genuinely pose as a threat. The precarious situations these workers put themselves in may also expose them to contaminants, with all the dirt that comes from people walking in and out of the lift.

3. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics

This hectic job seems to come with plenty of consequences. Travelling from accident spots to the hospital, there can be many diseases and infections, not to mention contaminants from injured people that paramedics are exposed to. Handling the equipment and patients might incur some cuts or stings as well.

4. Refuse and recyclable material collectors

Few would be eager to take on this job as the job title ‘garbage collector’ does not always sound pleasing. But we have much to thank them for; they’re the ones cleaning our living spaces while wading through piles of trash. There’s a possibility of getting infections from all the bacteria as well, and the physical work needed to drag some bags around can be harmful. Such a gritty job surely deserves some appreciation.

5. Airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers

Don’t go thinking that pilots have a sweet life just because they get to travel while in comfortable chairs. Being in charge of a flight and managing the controls means sitting down for long hours. Yes, sitting down for too long, in a position where you cannot shift much due to your duties, is unhealthy. Taking the flight to different countries may also mean they’re more vulnerable to bacteria and other contaminants across borders.

6. Surgical and medical assistants, technologists, and technicians

Singapore’s medical operations may be known to have higher success rates under top facilities. But those helping with opearations are at risk of catching diseases and infections. Subjected to various medical tests every day, there are plenty of contaminants to fear and slip ups with equipment might be more dangerous than expected, especially for those new in this area.

7. Immigration and customs inspectors

Another area of staff in the airport that, like pilots, are at risk. Being in a place where all sorts of people from all over the world move about and transfer from flight to flight means higher susceptibility to diseases and infections. Handling the luggage that goes through customs means coming into contact with dangerous items as well, and exposure to radiation in the airport while checking them is something to take note of.

8. Veterinarians and veterinary assistants and technicians

Animal health can be a dangerous area to dive into due to the diseases that animals may carry when brought to vets. Asides from possible infections, difficult or unfriendly animals that struggle when brought in can also cause cuts and injuries that make those working more vulnerable to those infections.

9. Flight attendants

The SIA attendants Singapore is so proud of seem to be at risk at work too. While serving those onboard, they are exposed to the contaminants carried passengers and the aircraft. Even when serving food and beverages, it is possible that these attendants receive burns and cuts, more so than most other occupations.

10. Dentists, dental surgeons, and dental assistants

When they say a dentist’s work is difficult, it is really more than that. Besides the hard work needed, they are easily exposed to the diseases and infections that their patients carry into their clinic. Their time spent sitting also puts their health at risk.

If your occupation is on this list, watch out for your health! As much as some effects cannot be avoided, you should still take note of what your bodies go through and mitigate the effects if possible after work.

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