10 Things People Still Remember About Neopets Other Than Their Starving Pets

Image: Neopets

Unless you’re born after 2000, you should once have a virtual pet—and no, we’re not talking about Tamagotchi, but a real virtual pet that you seriously go apeshit over. Yeah, we’re talking about Neopets.

Do you know that this website is still operating, and it still retains that yellow background? What good memories, eh?

Other than the yellow background, there’re just so many things that we will always remember about Neopets!

You’re always looking for codestones

You were obsessed with them because they were used to train your pet. Because you sometimes get them randomly, you’ll go crazy when you see one appearing in your browser.

You were good with money (NP)

The currency in Neopets is Neo Points, and they’re just as important as money in the real world. And just like in the real world, you can start a business to earn more Neo Points, and even invest them in a stock market. If I can convert my Neo Points to Singapore dollars, I would be a millionaire now…

You’re always looking for the best costume

You were always eyeing the best costume, but spin the wheel and you might just lose it. Speaking about the wheel…

You’re always spinning the wheel
Neopet wheel

Every hour or every day (can’t remember!), you’ll spin the wheel just to get some bonus…and sometimes change the costume of your Neopet.

You’re always in the battledome

It was later part of the Neopets period when battledome became active, and once it was, all hell broke loose and everyone ignored how their pets look: they just want to pick a fight.

You’re obsessed with paintbrush
Neopet Paintbrush

Because they can change the costume of your Neopet, getting one unique one would make you happy for the entire day. Or even the entire month.

You’re always feeding your Neopet
Neopet food

Because food is really cheap. Seriously speaking, living in the Neopets world would make me a very happy person.

You’re always trying to kill your Neopet
Neopet die

If there’s one wrong message Neopet is delivering, this is it: your Neopet can never die. Well, at least according to what it used to be.

Your Neopet has a pet
Neopet pet

To be very honest, your Neopet’s pet is sometimes even cuter. #truestory

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The first thing you go to the moment you connect to the Internet is Neopets

To people born in 2000 or above: yes, it was that popular. It’s like Facebook or Instagram in 2018. We had 30 hours of Internet per month and we spent 29 hours of them on Neopets.

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