10 Unconventional Ways to Wake You Up in the Morning You Probably Never Thought of

After a late night out with your friends or family, waking up early for work or school is probably the most difficult thing ever. You just can’t bring yourself to open your eyes to make it in time for work or school. 

Do you feel the same way too? Don’t worry because we’ve got some unconventional methods for you! 

1. Far away alarm

Instead of putting your alarm clock by your bedside, put in on the other end of the room so that you are forced to get out of the bed and walk to it. Even if you want to snooze it and go back to bed, chances are you’re too awake to do so. 

2. Far far away alarm

If the first tip does not work for you, put your alarm clock in the living room. So even if you can’t wake up, somebody will wake up and they’ll wake you up because how dare you sleep when you disturb my rest? 

3. Illuminator

Sometimes, audio cues just don’t work it for us. Get the alarm clock that shines bright like a star. When the alarm rings, the light from the clock will gradually brighten to a degree that forces you to open your eyes. Think of it as your own personal maid throwing open the curtains to let the sun in. Ah, technology.

4. Call a friend

If you are meeting someone in the morning, ask your friend to give you a morning call. The pressure to be accountable to your friend may wake you up.

5. Get an app

There are special apps in your app store.For example, the app “FreakyAlarm” will need you to solve a math problem before you can shut the alarm. There are also other apps that need you to shake your phone really hard or spin it in some way before you can turn off the alarm.

6. Train your body

Work at getting up at a certain hour each day. When your body is used to it, you can’t sleep in even if you have nothing on in the morning. The trade off is, obviously, you can’t sleep in anymore. 

7. Schedule

Hang a huge schedule right in front of your bed so that you are reminded of what you need to do and what time you need to leave the house. This can help to prevent you from snoozing after you wake up.

8. A reason to wake up early

Give yourself an exciting reason to wake up early. For example, you can go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee before you go to the office. These reasons will motivate you to wake up in the long run instead of constantly hitting the snooze button.

9. Set your coffee machine

if you have a coffee machine, you can set the timer on the machine 10 minutes before you wake up so that coffee beans will start grinding and you will wake up to the smell of coffee.

10. Senses

Place a peppermint beside your bed and pop it into your mouth when your alarm rings. The strong minty taste will wake up your taste buds and your brain. Better still, place a bottle of oil with a strong scent such as tea tree oil and give it a sniff when your alarm rings. The smell will hit you and wake you up.

While these methods can help you to wake up on time in the morning, the most important thing is still to get enough quality sleep so that you can wake up to your alarm immediately in the morning.

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