10 Ways an MLM or Insurance Agent ‘Trick’ Us for a ‘Dinner’ That We Buay Tahan

Growing up, we all have had instances when we heard our friends or family members complain about their friends being MLM or Insurance agents and “luring” them to banquet dinners in hopes to “share” their success and earn big money together.

Well, we also have the experiences of going through each and every complaint sessions with them, and watching them realise how they actually got tricked into attending one of these “functions” or “dinners” that…. aren’t really that legit after all.

Don’t want to be next? Well, these are the few things you should look out for then!

1. Meet up with friends 

Yup, when a friend who has been showing off his or her career success on Facebook and suddenly asks you out for dinner out of the blue – and by out of the blue, we mean those people who hasn’t spoken to you in years and suddenly tell you that they wanna catch up.

That’s when you know something is not right. 

2. Watch him/her receive an award

Yup, when they ask you to watch them receive a business award that they have attained from work. I mean, unless they’re like your boyfriends, girlfriends or family members – why would they want you to watch them accept some lame business award when you used to be just their hi-bye friend?

3. Go for a “free” banquet dinner

Come on la, bro. Nothing in this world comes for “free”. Don’t be so gian png (greedy) please. 

4. Learn some business tips to become your own boss

When tell you to attend some function or business gala dinners to learn “exclusive” and “inspiring” business tips on how you can become your own boss and get rich fast, you know that something is wrong. Honestly, if you want to learn some business tips, either go enroll in a legit class or start your own business and learn from there.

Some lessons can’t be learnt overnight. 

5. Go and meet guys / girls

Okay, this might be legit. But if you want to go into Insurance or MLM just to impress some girl / guy you just met at a gala dinner, well, go ahead then. 

6. Go and mingle with industry’s professionals 

What industry? What kind of professionals? Is it a legit talk hosted by professionals who you can actually Google? Or just some ABC no-names that buy titles to make themselves feel good about their achievements?

Better check it out before you regret!

 7. Earn quick money and help the world

I mean, be realistic lah. Those two factors are mutually exclusive. It’s either you get conned to earn quick money (oh, by the way, you do know that you’ve to pay some form of “membership fees” before you can earn your quick buck, right?) OR you help the world at your own cost. 

If you want to help the world right, go and join a non-profit organization. You cannot sell insurance to help the world one. I’m serious. 

8. Show us how well they are doing, and asks if you want to be like them

Nope, and nope. 

9. They treat you like a big family 

I mean, people who want your money can treat you however nice they want to because they want something from you – not that I’m being skeptical or what. 

I’m just being realistic. 

10. Saying that they’re NOT from a MLM company 

Deng deng deng. That’s actually one of the most obvious ways or tricks. I mean, people who want to con your money wouldn’t tell you in your face that they are trying to con your money, right? 

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