19-year-old Crash His Super Sports Car in a Car Park…At A Speed of Up to 121 km/h

The last thing you want to do when you’re in a sports car is to wreck it while you’re driving on the road. But could it possibly get any more bad than that?

Sadly, for this 19-year old Singaporean, it did. The national serviceman had to appear in court a few days back (4 Oct) after he drove his car, a Nissan GTR at high speed and in ALL places, the Singapore Indoor Stadium. It collided with another car, causing the driver to suffer from a case of cracked ribs.


Nissan GTR is a powerful high performance sports car, and is usually the dream of many boys. Here, take a look at this beautiful monster.

Image: Clari Massimiliano / Shutterstock.com

And it’s one expensive car: currently, one of this would set you back over SGD$600K. You can buy six Toyotas with that.

Anyways, moving on.

Herman Shi Ximu pleaded guilty to the offence which took place last year. The injured man was Teong Hien Sing, a 66-year old contractor. The accident happened on 24 August 2016 at about 5.45 p.m. at the surface car park.

Image: The Straits Times

The Whole Story

According to media reports, Herman went to a motoring event on the day of the accident. When it had ended, he found his way to the car park. He stopped his car at one end of the car park before pressing on the accelerator speedily, and then proceeded to drive across a non-signal junction at a very high speed.

Just so you know, this is within a car park. But this isn’t the typical tight car park you’ll find in Singapore, but one that is extremely big, like those from other countries.

When he came across the second non-signal junction, he did not stop at the designated stop line. He also did not give way to Mr Teong, who at that time was driving from his left side to the right.

Mr Teong had the right of way, and was stunned into surprise by the collision that occurred when Herman’s vehicle hit his.

Image: Stomp SG

The Findings and the Victim’s Health Decline

The report conducted by the forensics scientist from the Health Services Authority found that Herman was driving at a speed range of 104km/h and 121 km/h to cover a distance that was at the very least 72.2 metres.

121km/h. In a car park.

Image: giphy.com

You can’t even get to that kind of speed on any Singapore expressway. At least, no during the day and definitely not legally.

After the accident occurred, Mr Teong had to seek treatment at Changi General Hospital, as he noticed he had a pain at both his neck and his chest. Upon further inspection, Mr Teong was found to have 2 fractured ribs via an X-ray examination.

He was given two weeks of medical leave.

Mr Teong had to follow up on his condition at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, and this time an MRI scan was done to inspect his spine. The MRI scan indicated that there were some degenerative changes to his spine.

Yet another MRI brain scan was done in October 2016, and the doctors found the man with a condition called subdural haematoma. This basically meant that there was an amount of blood that had collected between the brain’s covering and its surface too.

Image: Today Online

Mr Teong had to undergo surgery to alleviate the haematoma condition. He was finally discharged on 25 Oct and given another 32 days in medical leave.

The DPP for the case, urged for Herman to be jailed for a term of at least six weeks. According to DPP Soh, she said that Herman should also be disqualified from driving for a total period of 18 months.

Herman, who did not have legal representation, admitted to his error and mentioned that he thought that there was no one else in the carpark.

His bail has been set for S$10,000 and he will face the court again this coming 17 October.

Is anyone’s mind still blown by the fact that a car sped up to 121 km/h in a car park?

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