2 Grown Men ‘Fought’ in Car Workshop Over Commissions; Both Claim to be Victims

Image: Facebook (District Singapore)

I remember what my boss used to say: if you’re running a business, you’re definitely have some business disputes. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and the usual recourse is always the court.

Which is why Small Claims Tribunals should be every businessman’s best friend (though, of course, it would be best to avoid that lah).

But these two fellows might have let their emotions run wild instead, and now, they’re facing the consequences.

Video That Went Viral

Three days ago, a video went viral and it’s for obvious reasons.

Here, take a look.

If you can’t handle the number of “来来来”, here’s a brief summary of what happened:

  • Hammer Man held bonnet of car as Specs Man checked the inside of a car
  • Hammer Man released bonnet; bonnet hit Specs Man’s hands
  • Hammer Man and Specs Man quarrelled like teenagers who wanted to fight but were afraid of teachers caning them
  • Specs Man challenged Hammer Man like how those teenage gangsters used to challenge me when I was a teen
  • Both threatened to fight but no punches were thrown
  • Specs Man pushed Hammer Man away so that the car can be moved out, but he did it like he was “marking” him in a basketball / soccer game
  • Both men angry, angrier and angriest

From the video, it looks like it’s just a fight about the bonnet and the car, but hey: there are many sides to a story, and this is one that’s all about pent-up emotions, money and victims.

Because there are more to it.

All About Commissions

According to Wanbao, which always seem to be able to CSI anyone out, the Hammer Man is the boss of the workshop, and the Specs Man is, well, someone.

Someone who’s linked to the boss. Read on and you’ll understand.

So the story goes something like this:

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  • Specs Man once sent his car for repair
  • Specs Man also once brought an accident car (not his but another person’s car) for Hammer Man to repair
  • So basically, it’s alleged that for the commission of bringing the accident car (or accident cars) for repair, Hammer Man has given $8,000 to Specs Man
  • But Specs Man stopped bringing accident cars to Hammer Man to repair
  • Hammer Man allegedly not happy and wanted $8,000 back
  • Then, 来来来 video emerged

Any Tom, Dick and Harry would have seen some plot-holes in the story.

  • Commission of $8,000? That’s way too much, man. Insurance companies might just suggest scraping the car instead of repairing it (remember, if $8,000 is the commission, the repair cost must be in the high five figures). But of course it could be more than a car; we won’t know
  • Hammer Man not releasing Specs Man’s car? Look at the video and you’ll see that it’s not even ready to be out, man

Both Claim to be Victims

According to Wanbao, this is what the Specs Man said: “That day, I went to the garage with a friend to collect my car. The boss insisted that I return the money, even threatening to hit my car with a hammer if I did not do so.

“During our argument, he used the wooden end of the hammer to hit me on the back of my head. I called the police afterwards.

“Because my head was in pain from being hit, I went to Sengkang Community Hospital, where I was hospitalised and placed under observation for one day.”

And as for the Hammer Man?

He, too, was injured after being “shoved” by Specs Man for more than ten times, and had to rest for three days. He also had to see a doctor.

Police investigations are ongoing, but this video teaches us a very important lesson: if you’ve just watched the video, you might just think that a fight arose from a car bonnet.

Truth of the matter: The bonnet is innocent.

So know the full story before judging (though, for this video, we still don’t have the full story).

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