6 Cheap Earpieces You Can Buy Online That’s as Good as Apple’s

No matter whether you’re an Apple fan or not, one thing you got to admit is their earpiece are one of the greatest ones around. You’ll get a freebie when you purchase an Apple product, but what if it spoils?

Most are used to the better quality sound provided by Apple earpiece so they’ll shell out money for a second one. But what if we tell you that there are many earpieces out there that are as good as Apple’s but at the fraction of its price?

Interested? Read on to find out more!

1. Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Driver

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Selling at $27.99, these earphones are light, stylish and comfortable enough for your ear canals. Most importantly, the sound that is produced does not lose out to earphones in the higher price range with its clear treble sound and substantial bass. This is definitely a good deal for those who are unwilling to invest too much in earphones.

2. Panasonic ErgoFit

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This earpiece has a double-angled design that will stay in your ear even when you are very active. It also comes with ear pods of three different sizes so you can choose the one most comfortable for your ears and a 3.6-foot cord that will not get into a tangled mess. It also provides a clear treble and is good enough to shut off noise from outside.

3. SoundMagic E10

Image source: taobaocart.com

This earphone provides really good balance from treble to bass. Also, its stylish appearance definitely looks more expensive than it seems. Their cable is also very durable for those careless ones whose earpieces are prone to wear and tear.

4. Monoprice 8320

Image source: amazon.com

This earphone has got a great thumping bass without being overpowering and highs come clear enough, which is quite surprising coming from an earpiece of relatively low price. The cable is a mesh cord instead of the usual rubber so it prevents your earphone from tangling up easily.

5. Sony XBA C10

Image source: sony.com.sg

Though slightly odd looking, these earphones will stay on securely even if you are in a mess. It provides a wide sound stage and an agile performance that snaps up even to the trickiest rhythm you can find.

6. Klipsch S4

Image source: amazon.com

Despite the low-price, it offers an amazing stellar quality and works really well in isolating noises from outside. The earbuds are also really small with a bent shape that sit in your ears comfortably while sealing out external noise. The package also contains a box for storing and a cleaning tool, making this earpiece very value for money.

With all these low-price yet amazing quality earpieces in the market, there seem to be many alternatives to Apple’s earpiece and even those in the higher price range.

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