7 Facts About Grab Shuttle, the Disruptor to Bus Services

So there’s Grab Taxi. Soon after, Grab Car was introduced. Then come Grab Hitch, Grab Bus and now- Grab Shuttle.

What’s the hype over Grab Shuttle anyway? Here are some facts to keep you updated with the latest function!

1. Collaboration

GrabShuttle is a collaboration with the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech). The app is powered by Beeline, an open, cloud-based smart mobility platform developed by GovTech in collaboration with the Land transport Authority (LTA). 

2. Bus Routes

Beeline bus routes are adaptive, with new routes activated based on consumers’ demand, as well as existing routes over time, based on data analytics. Sounds good! That means you’ll only see routes that are taken often, and not, say, a route from Jurong East to Punggol.

3. Tracking Time

Just like Beeline, the GrabShuttle app enables commuters to book a seat and track their buses in real-time on the day of the ride. It’s a four-step process, starting with selecting a route together with the pickup and drop off points. Choosing one or more dates, reviewing the booking and making the payment.

Sort of like how people book their tickets to various Malaysia states, just that instead of KL or Ipoh, you’re going to CBD or Woodlands.

4. Seats

One thing good about this service is that the seats are guaranteed! Commuters can simply plan their trips in advance and even book seat up to a month ahead. Now you don’t have to worry about squeezing with people on MRTs. Did I mention how comfortable it is to sleep in an air-conditioned bus?

5. New Routes

Similar to Beeline, commuters can also suggest crowd-start new routes in the app itself or through its website. Service on the route will start when the number of pre-orders crosses 15. This is surely a good advertising strategy as most people would spread the word to boost usage for them! 

6. Fixed Fares

Fares are fixed for all commuters on the same route, ranging from S$3.50 to S$5. Although it is 2 times more expensive than taking MRT, considering that you get a seat ready and your distance is fixed, you get to reach your destination on time (unless there’s a jam)! Now isn’t it worth it?

7. Fixed Timing

Not to mention, they have fixed timings too. They follow a strict time schedule and leaves right on the dot to ensure that commuters reach their destination on time. So latecomers please take note if you don’t want to miss your Grab Shuttle! 

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