7 Facts About The New Active Mobility Act That’ll Come Into Effect Early This Year

Every time I see any news about PMDs, shared bikes and whatnot, I get a headache.

I ask myself, “How did we get to this place ?”

With a sudden surge of PMD-related accidents on the roads, it has become imperative for the LTA to come up with new regulations to ensure the safety of people.

Yesterday, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan talked about the new Activity Mobility Act that will come into force sometime this year.

Here are 7 facts that every PDM-users should know about the said act.

1) Power-assisted devices might need to be registered

“I don’t think we should be registering all scooters or all bicycles, but I think those which are power-assisted, and therefore potentially can incur greater harm, there may be a case for some sort of registration,” Mr Khaw said.

So those e-scooter owners, be mindful.

2) E-bikes must be registered

This should be old news…but all e-bikes must be registered since last August.

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3) Insurance for PMD-users

One of the issues that were mentioned was whether compulsory insurance for PMD-users is needed.

So you, soon, might need to buy third-party insurance and use helmets to boot.

4) The number of road accidents involving PMDs is staggeringly high

Why are there so many guidelines and regulations? Well, from January to June last year, there were a total of 90 accidents.

Blame the gung-ho riders blazing on the road.

5) They did try

Before you say, “they never even warned us,” the LTA had issued more than 1,700 advisories for unsafe riding behaviours in 2017.

6) Fines will increase

LTA has announced higher fines for those who ride PMDs on roads—the fine will be increased to $300 for those who ride on local roads and $500 for those who ride on major roads, from Jan 15.

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Those who are crazy enough to ride on expressways will be brought to court.

7) Safe Riding Programme

Remember when we were all brought to Road Safety Park, well, for those who had not learnt anything from that school trip will be liable to under the Safe Riding Programme.

Ok, I might have exaggerated.

The said programme is aimed at reckless PDM users and cyclists. They will learn about safe ridings behaviour—yeah sounds like the time we went to Road Safety Park.

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