7 little-known facts about Texas Chicken that makes you want to go there immediately

Who doesn’t love fried chicken,  I’m sure it is hard to resist a fresh piece of fried chicken with is crispy skin and tender meat. Fried chicken is loved by everyone and no matter how sinful it is, you would not be able to stop at just one piece to satisfy your cravings.

Besides KFC, McDonalds or Popeyes, there is another place you should know: Texas Chicken. Here are some facts about Texas chicken that may fascinate you so much that you will want to eat there soon

Original Name

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Does this look familiar to you? This is the original logo used in the US by Texas Chicken, who are known as Church’s Chicken. If you have ever travelled to the US, you’ll know that Texas Chicken cannot be found in the country. Texas Chicken is used by franchises which outside of the US.

The name Church’s Chicken is replaced with Texas Chicken due to concerns over its association with religion. Rest assure that the name Church’s Chicken is due to it being founded by a man known as George W. Church, Sr.


Who runs it in Singapore
Texas Chicken is operated in Singapore as part of a franchise and the rights to using the name Texas Chicken is owned by Select Group, along with other operations such as Peach Garden restaurants, Hong Kong Sheng Kee Desserts and Lerk Thai just to name a few.


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Did you know they have a mascot? McDonalds has Ronald McDonalds and KFC has Colonel Sanders who are the face of their brand. Texas Chicken also has a mascot of its own which is called the Texas Chicken and it replaced the previous mascot called Churchie. To be honest, I think the old mascot looks much better than the current one which looks a little weird.

Relation with Popeyes  
If you have wondered why the fried chicken from Texas Chicken and Popeyes appear similar, this will shock you. Both Texas Chicken and Popeyes were once owned by the same company.

That’s right, these two fast food restaurants are run by the same parent company known as AFC Inc. and the owner of Popeyes once owned both brands before selling it to AFC Inc. The merger of these two brands made headlines back in the day because Texas Chicken, which was the second biggest fried chicken restaurant in the US, was bought over by Popeyes, which was ranked the third biggest fried chicken restaurant in the US.

If you think that Texas Chicken dwarfs in comparison to KFC or McDonalds, you will be surprised to find that Texas Chicken has outlets spread across Singapore. The fast food chain has 12 outlets on our shores and considering the fact that they only arrived in Singapore back in 2010, it is quite impressive that they have managed to expand nationwide in a span of 6 years.

Food Quality 
Based on reviews on social media by netizens who have tried Texas Chicken, the general feedback gathered is that Texas Chicken trumps its competition due to its use of fresh chickens in making their fried chicken, which differs from other brands which use frozen chicken chickens.

Best outlet 
According to one of our writers, the best Texas Chicken outlet is said to be the one located in Causeway Point which is also something that has garnered similar comments by online netizens. 


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