KFC Chicken Skin Back on 20 Feb 2020: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Ah, the iconic KFC chicken skin.

How do I even begin.

It’s the item that we see and read about last November but never have the chance to try it. It’s the item that’s filled with absolutely nothing but calories, calories and calories. It’s the item that got sold out within four hours in all 20 KFC outlets back then when it was first released.

And what you might not know is that it’s the first product that caused even the PR folks for KFC to create no one, but two memes in their media release: something that we’ve never seen in any media release before.

Not I do one. The folks that does PR for KFC do one.
Really, the KFC folks do this one. But someone needs to tell them not to save it as png.

Either an intern is working for them or someone’s working while drunk.

But anyways, it’s official: KFC is releasing the KFC Chicken Skin tomorrow (20 February 2020), and this time, it’s not limited to mere 20 outlets, but to ALL outlets (except KFC KidZania and Singapore Zoo).

And to add more OMG to OMG, it’s even available for delivery.

Image: tenor

KFC Chicken Skin, The Food That Health Promotion Board Isn’t Happy About

kfc chicken skin
Image: KFC Singapore

The sinful item will be sold at $3.50 per box. However, KFC believes it’ll be as hot as surgical masks, so they’re limiting each customer to buy just 5 boxes.

Just queue again if you need more chicken lah.

You can top up $1 to get a zero-calorie regular Pepsi Black, because you’d have all the calories you need in the skin.

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Now, please excuse me as I go queue in a KFC outlet.

Reader Bao: It’s tomorrow, my friend

I know. But need I remind you that the previous time they had it, it was sold out within four hours?

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