8 Facts about the Late Alfonso Wong, Creator of our Beloved ‘Lao Fu Zi’

Alfonso Wong or Wong Kar Hei,  the creator of Old Master Q or ‘Lao Fu Zi’, passed away on 1st January due to organ failure from old age. Many of us (especially born in the 90s) will be very familiar with his comics because we literally grew up with them.

This was the comic that brought us through the dull times before we had to go to school or the comic books we read during morning assembly. There were always joy when it comes to watching Lao Fu Zi, and the jokes always get us every single time. Here are the 8 things you might not have known about the author who created the legendary comic of all time. 

1. His death

Alfonso Wong passed away at age 93. In a statement from OMQ Comics, his death was caused by organ failures due to old age. 

2. Pen Name

Alfonso Wong was not always known as Wong Kar Hai or his english name in his comic books. His pen name, Wong Chak, was adopted from his eldest son, whose name is Joseph Wong Chak.

3. Retirement life


After his retirement in 1995, he emigrated to the USA from Hong Kong, spending most of his time fishing and creating pottery. 

4. Inspiration for Old Master Q

Old Master Q or Lao Fu Zi was created as a reflection of himself. Alfonso Wong would pen down comical things to entertain the readers and those were actually an illustration of his everyday life – a life filled with lots of imagination and humour. 

In a statement from OMQ Comics, they also added that he loved life. With his humorous style, he unfolded Lao Fu Zi’s story, accompanying generations of readers.

5. His comics helped to grow Hong Kong

Lao Fu Zi had a great impact on the Hong Kong and Chinese diasporas. The comic helped to explore themes ranging from pop culture to class divisions which helped to ease quite a lot of tension between the two groups, as well as the changes in Hong Kong.

6. He was forced to stop the comics at one point

In the 1950s, he was forced to abandon his drawings by the Chinese Communist Party as they labeled him a right-winger. 

 7. Alfonso Wong before he created Lao Fu Zi

Before he created Lao Fu Zi, he drew for a French Catholic Missionary until his comics got published in the newspapers in 1962 and the rest was history.

8. It was the comic that survived all time

Lao Fu Zi is one of the longest running comics in Asia and became legendary for maintaining popularity for over 40 years despite competition from other Hong Kong comics and Japanese manga.

Despite his passing, readers from all around the world will never forget the joy, entertainment, and values he gave us through his works.

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