8 JCs Will Be Merging in 2019. Here’s All You Need to Know.

In 2019, 2 years from now, 8 JCs in Singapore will be merging into 4, a result of falling student enrolment around the island. This is also the first time JCs here are merging.

Announced today, MOE has released the list of JCs to merge as well.

  • Anderson JC and Serangoon JC in the north-east will merge, with the merged school located at Anderson JC.
  • Meridian JC and Tampines JC in the east will merge, with the merged school located at Meridian JC.
  • Yishun JC and Innova JC in the north will merge, with the merged school located at Yishun JC.
  • Pioneer JC and Jurong JC in the west will merge, with the merged school located at Pioneer JC.

All of the JCs merging are government schools, and do not offer the Integrated Programme. As you can probably tell from the locations of the schools, the mergers are based on proximity and accessibility to public transport.

The infrastructures of the schools are also taken into consideration.

Four of the above JCs, namely Serangoon, Tampines, Innova and Jurong JC, will cease student intake next year in preparation of the merger and relocation. Teachers currently deployed at the affected schools won’t be retrenched, instead redeployed, sent to the newly merged schools, or recalled to MOE headquarters.

For the newly merged schools, the 4 new schools will have new names, and heritage for the 8 will be preserved at special heritage spaces in each of the new schools.

This large and frankly quite alarming drop in JC student intake is apparently the result of the declining birth rate, and not a sudden swing towards polytechnics. The proportion of students eligible for JCs has remained stable. As the birth rate has dropped roughly 20%, projected JC intake in the next few years are also expected to drop 20%

This might mean a tighter supply of JC places with the new intake of students, but MOE said it is prepared to maximise places in existing schools to meet demands.

Of course, the question of Eunoia JC, the newly opened JC, becomes rather interesting. Instead of opening to meet capacity demands, according to MOE, the school was actually opened to give students more options.

Somehow, this seems to imply that the existing schools have become largely homogenous, if that’s the case.

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