American Reviews S’pore Breakfast Dishes & Makes Every Dish Poetic

I‘ll do my best to transcribe this video but for more accurate descriptions, you might want to have a look at this 16-minute video.

Warning: Don’t watch this on an empty stomach.

1st Stop – Ya Kun Kaya Toast

So this American guy named Mike went to Ya Kun Kaya Toast and had the usual Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs.

But he turned this ordinary breakfast had an extraordinary description.

Look at the way he described Soft boiled eggs and Kaya Toast:

Image: Screenshot from video

“Gentle, soft, delicate looking eggs I have ever laid my eyes on.”

I can’t remember how many times he repeated the word “gentle” but hell, I didn’t know eggs could be described as “delicate”. The way he described this seems as if he is laying his eyes on a fine, exquisite piece of art.

“I should be cradling them.”

I thought he was referring to precious infants. You get what I mean, his choice of diction is incredible.


“Crispy, sweet, buttery, salty, peppery, ‘eggy’, creamy… Those 7 things make up the rainbow of deliciousness.”

I didn’t know you could link 7 adjectives with the image of a rainbow. Well, he just did and called it the “rainbow of deliciousness”. Now the Goody Feed team has a new phrase to use for its food reviews.

“Every bite you take, it just begs you to take another.”

He’s really taking food reviews to another level, giving kaya toast a voice, personifying it.

And wait, that’s not all.

2nd Stop – Mount Faber Nasi Lemak

“These two were food soulmates, they were always meant to be.”

On its own, the above sentence sounds like he was relating it to a couple. But no, he was referring to coconut milk and rice anyway.

I’m in awe, how he can make two commonly overlooked product sound… exceptional.

Image: Screenshot from video

3rd Stop – Casuarina Curry

“Crispy, flaky outer-shell. Soft and chewy on the inside.”

That was Roti Prata. I love Roti Prata, and I eat it almost every other weekend. But the way he narrated it, makes me salivate.

Image: Screenshot from video

“This is what the prata should say to the curry: You complete me.”

Okay, this is too much for me. He just rekindled my temptation for prata and curry.

I’m writing this at 4.52pm and have never felt so hungry.

You get my point. Literature geeks, food reviewers, writers, journalists, there’s something to learn from this guy. #IKidYouNot

There’s more to this video but I’m starving and can watch no more. I’ll continue after dinner.

You can watch the full video below:

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