If Your Best Friends Has These 10 Qualities, She’s The Bestest-Best Friend Ever

Your just got yourself into trouble again. Guess what? Your best friend is not going to let you have fun all by yourself. She purposely gets herself into trouble just so she can make fun of you, yet make you feel better not being alone.

Do you love her to the moon and back? I bet you do! From your favourite colour to your weirdest quirks, your best friend just knows you inside out. Which is why she is your bestest-best friend ever. 

1. You’ve got telepathy with her

There is no doubt she can read your mind. Across the room where a hottie walks by you? She’ll make an eye-contact with you and make sure you know what she is hinting at. And yes, most of the time you just find the both of you saying the same things at the same time. #JINX 

2. She shares the same humour as you 

She makes you laugh even on the darkest days. Even when the sun is setting and the rain clouds are heavy with tears, she will make sure you’re happy again. She’s your sunshine, even when skies are grey. And the both of you laugh over the lamest jokes ever. 

3. She is your partner in crime

She is your partner in crime. The one who bail you out when you need help, the one who swoops down to your rescue or to join you in defeating some evil forces out there. She got your back, and she never backs down without fighting for you. 

4. She scolds you when you’re in the wrong 

You’ve made a mistake in hurting your boyfriend? She’ll sit you down, and scold you for not apologising to him. She is not afraid of pointing out your mistakes just so that you can learn from it. She just wants you to be a better person, and you know that. 

5. She believes in you

She believes in you even when no one else does. Even when everyone in the world has decided to give up on you for some reason, she’ll stick by you like a superglue. She believes in you just as much as she believes in unicorns. And you know how much she loves unicorns! 

6. She is a good listener 

You’ve gotten into a fight with your boyfriend? No matter how silly it gets, she’ll listen to your rants and make sure that you’re heard and understood. Even if its the tenth-thousandth time that you have been ranting over the same thing. 

7. She is honest

When you are about to decide on something major, your best friend will always be there to give you their real opinion. While sometimes it can seem a bit harsh when there are clashing opinions, you’ll be sure that your best friend has your best interest at heart.

8. She is generous

Giving is something that comes naturally between best friends. A true friendship has no tabs that are kept on who gives and who receives. This creates a flow of sharing and caring between both, allowing you to have a safe space to rely on when you need some care.

9. She is trustworthy

You know that you can tell her everything and anything, and it will only be kept within the both of you. You’re not afraid to be vulnerable with your best friend, because you know that she will never hurt you in any way. 

10. She accepts you for who you are 

She loves you for who you are. Your horrible singing at the karaoke session, your constant absent-mindedness, she accepts even your flaws. She’s a keeper, period. Congratulations, you’ve just found yourself a bestie for life! 

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