Car Took ‘Carpool’ to a Whole New Level By Driving into Pool in Sembawang

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Carpool’? People sharing a vehicle to get to their destinations.

Yeah, that makes sense. But who would ever take the literal meaning of the word seriously, right?

Guess someone just did.

According to Stomp, a grey car with the car plate SGY9231B had plunged into a swimming pool at Skypark Residences, an executive condominium in Sembawang Crescent. This incident happened on August 8 at around 10.20pm.

This incident happened on August 8 at around 10.20pm.

image: stomp
Image: stomp

The Stomper, who’s known only as N, received the photo from his father.

The older man, who stays in a unit right above the pool, had chanced upon the disaster and took a photo of it. N then promptly sent it to Stomp.

The car was later taken away.

According to N, he thinks that the driver had steered the car onto the grass patch on the left side of the pool. Then for some reason, it just dropped into the pool.

The police have sent out an official statement on the incident, and have classified the case as a rash act.

Investigations are ongoing.

For those of you not familiar with what Carpool is (NOT driving your car into the pool), it’s when you share a ride with other passengers to a certain destination.

This method not only saves money but also provides a platform for you to interact with others too!

The major taxi and private-hire car companies provide this option, so do try it out if for some reason you haven’t!


But one thing for sure, at least this didn’t happen in Yishun.

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