This Care Bear Proposal Seriously Spoil Market for Every Other Guy

Guys who are attached, and even guys who aren’t, better take some notes here. This guy’s surprise proposal to his girlfriend on her birthday will probably make your ideas look bad in comparison.

Now before some of you get angry and type up some mean comments, take a look below.

Oh yeah, that’s seriously something that happened. That was a giant flash mob of professional dancers, and the friends and family of both the guy and his bae.

If the video is too long for you, we’ll summarize what happened for you, you lazy ass. That is exactly the sort of attitude you shouldn’t have if you even want to come close to this guy.

The proposal started as a birthday surprise, with their ex-colleagues bringing a cake, then a professional dance crew showing up, putting on a performance in Resorts World Sentosa. The dance ended with our man here joining in, of course.

After which he kicked it up a notch with a series of giant cards telling the story of how they met and how much she meant to him. Classic romantic movie stuff here. This just goes to show certain things from movies can really be used in real life.

As a setup for the final bit, he had her turn around, and all her friends and family came up one by one with a heart balloon. He took the time to change into a Care Bear costume with all the professional dancers.

The last part was a giant flash mob of him, the dancers, and even more friends in care bear costumes, ending with his actual proposal. Needless to say, she said yes.

Heck, with the amount of effort put it, I’d say yes. But, you know, I’m not gay or anything. I’m just saying.


Imagine how long that must have took to plan and rehearse! He had to come up with a plan, brief everyone involved, hire a professional dance crew, and liaise with the RWS management. Then take God knows how long to rehearse the entire thing.

On top of that, he had to keep everything from his girlfriend. That’s probably the hardest part, now that we think about it. How many excuses did he have to think of?

For those of you thinking of proposing soon, it’s going to be tough to top this. You should probably hope your girlfriend doesn’t see this, in any case.

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