CCTV Caught Paranormal Activity Happening to Man Who OT During 7th Month, But There’s a Twist

What will you do if you happen to be the person in the video? Scream? Run? Or open up your Pokemon GO to see if there’s a Gastly in the office?

This video went viral almost immediately when it was uploaded onto Facebook.

Watch the video below and you’ll get what we mean. It will spook the heebie-jeebies out of you.

Paranormal Activity in the Office

The video shows an unnamed office in Malaysia where a Chinese man was working overtime alone.

The chair on the man’s right turned around to face him, as though an invisible entity pulled it out and sat down to stare at him.

Spooked, he froze when the chair to his left inexplicably drew back from the table and a stack of paper on the man’s desk shot off the table violently.

According to a female voice of an unseen watcher in the video, the man came down with a fever after the incident.

And, Here Comes the Twist.

It’s a marketing gimmick. Yup, if you’ve just spent the last 3 minutes wondering if you should cancel your Pokemon catching trip tomorrow night, it’s fake.

Before you go chey and blast me with your Blastoise, wait.

Their second video is hilarious and definitely worth a watch. It’ll explain everything instantly.

Now that’s what we call creative marketing!

But just to be on the safe side, better not OT tomorrow since it’s the 15th of the Hungry Ghost Festival which has the heaviest amount of yin energy.

Featured Image: Facebook (Tune Talk)

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