Chiobu Harvard Uni Twins Become Internet Sensation After Their Photos Went Viral

We’re feeling good about today. 

We (read: I) were browsing the web for interesting articles to write on (read: slow news day) when we found photos of these chiobus. 

And they’re identical twins.

Brain, Looks and Brawn (A Complete Package)

You know the joke about how life is fair; if you’re good looking, you’re probably lacking in other departments and vice versa?

This isn’t the case here because the sisters come packed with brains, looks and brawn. 

Sun Yutong and Sun Yumeng, a pair of identical twins from Nanjing, China graduated from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education with Master degrees.

This was after their undergraduate studies at Shanghai’s prestigious Fudan University.

Both were also part of their school’s bodybuilding team in high school and won the title of National level bodybuilder.

Both are internet sensations, with Yutong having almost 291,000 fans and Yumeng having 371,000 fans on Weibo.

With their futures so bright, it’s no wonder that some netizens called them a “dangerous combination of both brains and beauty.”

Enough of me talking, here are more photos of this beautiful pair of sisters:

What have I been doing with my life?

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