Coca-Cola’s New Zero Sugar Coming To S’pore In May And It’ll Taste Exactly Like The Classic One

If you’re reading this, chances are you love coca cola as much as me. When working under the hot sun, especially during NS, nothing makes everything better than a can of ice-cold cola.

And most likely, you love the original coke and not the zero or diet versions. The only reason why you go for them is because they’re healthier. 

If you feel for what I said above, and you are nodding along to my words, then you’ll love what’s coming out of my mouth (or pen) next. 

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar That Tastes Like Original Coca Cola


Coca-Cola is launching a new flavour of drink they call Coca-Cola Zero Sugar which, they promise, will taste exactly like the original.

The new recipe, they claimed, contains zero sugar like Coke Zero, but contains a different flavour blend which will make the drink taste like the original. 

The drink will replace Coke Zero which was launched here in 2008.

Ms Tish Condeno, marketing director of Coca-Cola Singapore said that they knew people love the taste of the original Coca-Cola but want to reduce their sugar intake.

Statistics show that there are more than 400,000 diabetic Singaporeans today, and one in three Singaporeans are likely to develop the disease. 

1 out of 3, people! 

Packaging of Coca-Cola Canned Drinks to Change


Coca-Cola packaging will be changed for all their cans. All three flavours will have a red package, with only a band at the top denoting their flavours. 

The new flavour and packaging are expected to reach Singapore in May. 

Coca-Cola fans, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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