10 Ingenious Ways to Remove Dirt with Just Coke

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Most of us grew up with drinking fizzy drinks, and that includes the famous (and infamous) Coca Cola. As one of the world’s favourite beverages, we can still see people ordering a Coca-Cola drink alongside their McDonald’s meal.

But did you know that Coca-Cola has various uses aside from being your beverage? Not that it’s official lah, of course.

In fact, Coke is the most underrated and surprising household product as we tend to associate Coke with food instead of the ingenious ways to remove dirt with it.

Here are 10 ways to remove dirt with Coke.

1. Cleaning Eyeglasses

Do your glasses look smudgy? Skip the regular T-shirt or tissue polishing and truly get rid of the dirt by giving a wipe using a rag dipped in soda.

Don’t forget to rinse immediately to get rid of any stickiness and wipe it dry with a clean and soft cloth for crystal-clear and smudge free lenses. If not your glasses will be your resident ants’ second home.

2. Cleaning Old Coins

Shout out to the coin collectors in Singapore! We understand that coins tend to get tarnished easily over a period. Give the coins a quick cola dip and you will be able to see them shining again.

The acid in Coca-Cola is an anti-tarnishing tool, thus removing any rust or darkening.

3. Cleaning Rusted Tools

If you’re a handyman be it at home or at work, you would be faced with various rusted tools and should let it go unwillingly. In addition, some tools may not be cheap.

Therefore, if your tools rust and you want to remove it, let it soak in Coke and then give it a quick rinse and you’ll get a tool as good as new.

4. Cleaning Tiles

We all know the pains one should go through to clean the bathroom, and if possible, get the grout stains between the tiles to disappear.

With the help of Coke, the stubborn brownish stains sticking between the tiles together with other stains on the ceramic surface will clear up.

Use an old and sterilised toothbrush and dip it in Coca-Cola and scrub on the stains. Without a doubt, your bathroom will be as good as new!

5. Cleaning Marker Stains

If you have children in the house, you will understand that these children tend to be a bit messy while cheerfully drawing their abstract art around the house. Walls can always be painted over, but what about your carpet?

Don’t worry, all you need to do is dab the marker stains with Coke and lifting it off with a clean rag.

6. Helps in Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair Dye

Have a hair dye and want to let it go? A can of Coke will help you. Pour it over your hair and scrub/wring your hair. Don’t forget to rinse with water to avoid stickiness.


This will help if you’re opting for a cheaper and incredible method.

But of course, if your really want to look good, go to a salon instead.

7. Removing Burned Food from Pots and Pans

Cooking is fun, but the cleaning part isn’t especially when you have foods stubbornly sticking to your pots and pans. Of course, it’ll be a waste to let go of a dirty pan but Coke will help to save it.

Pour the Coke in the pot or pan and let it set for an hour before rinsing it, and you will get a clean kitchenware.

8. Cleaning Engines

When it’s that time of the month and you have to clean your vehicle’s engine but can’t afford to pay at the carwash? Coke is here to help.

Give it a soak in the Coke similarly to coins and tools, and you’ll get a clean engine, with not much money spent.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

Now, don’t be an idiot and put Coke into your engine.

9. Gum Trouble

We Singaporeans would travel across the border to enjoy cheap and satisfying food. And in Malaysia, of course, we would buy gums. But with chewing gums everywhere, you might just step on a gum on the floor. And the thing is, these sticky nuisances are hard to get rid of.

One would tell us to get rid of the gum with ice cube but we have a better method with Coke. Just rinse over where the gum is and the acidity of Coke will get rid of the gum easily. Cool, right?


10. Cleaning Toilet Bowls

As shocking as it sounds, Coke will help you to remove the dirt in your toilet bowl and give you a new clean toilet. Pretty sure you’ve heard about this, no?

We can conclude that a can of Coke will be handy. Not as a beverage, but a hero from any crisis! Don’t forget to give it a try too!

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