Cockroach Pillows Are the Trendiest Gifts Now

There’s a first-world problem that we Singaporeans face every now and then: what gift should I buy for someone’s birthday?

After all, if it’s just a friend, you need something that is cheap yet looks expensive (come on, don’t deny). Either that, you buy something funny, because humour seems to have some secret recipe that negates everything.

Fret not, I’ve a solution for you. So perfect, you’ll thank me later.

It’s a cockroach pillow. Or let’s use some poetic license here now: it’s an adorable 小强 plushy.

There, doesn’t that sound much better?

A Thai online shop has decided to make that a reality. Known as Peter the Cockroach, it has become a viral hit, with news outlets all over the world writing about it, because why not?

At 890 Baht, which is about SGD$36.34, they marketed it as a “the most favourite pet in history since the Dinosaur Era”, and that it will be the best gift for your lover.


Just so you know, Peter the Cockroach is also a series of Line stickers, much like those downloadable emojis you use for Facebook.


Thailand is one of the four countries that has the most number of Line users, together with Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia. In other words, it’s not uncommon to see someone naming a cockroach Peter in Thailand, just like how we name a cockroach 小强 in Singapore.

Now, if you want to give someone a surprise birthday party, this might work.

(I’m pretty sure you won’t be as calm as this guy)

And just so you know, I tried searching for other cockroach soft toys, and most of which are like this.


No wonder Peter the cockroach is gaining such popularity. Nowadays, it’s all about authenticity.

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