Confused Over the Elvin Ng Viral FB Video? Here’s an Explanation

You know who’s Elvin Ng, right? Hot, shy and all-around nice guy.

He uploaded a video to Facebook four days ago. It was, honestly, very bizarre yet fascinating. Lifting a woman up with three other guys, using only their fingers.

Check out the video below:

He and three other friends attempted to lift Singapore actress Pan Ling Ling into the air using only their fingers.

On their first and second attempts, they couldn’t even lift her a single inch.

That was when the four guys placed their hands, palms down, above her head and counted to twenty.

Then, they tried again and this time, they succeeded. 

Cue much screaming and gasping. Even the people who lifted her couldn’t believe they did it.

A Team Work Exercise Used For Teaching and Inspiring


Now, before you believe that our MediaCorp actors and actresses are magicians in disguise, there’s allegedly a perfect explanation for this.

It’s said that this is used frequently in seminars and motivational classes to show people that as long as you believe, you’ll be able to do it.

At first, your brain doesn’t believe that you’ll be able to do it so you’ll fail. Then, you’ll find yourself doing the ‘ritual’, which programmes your brain into believing that it could be done.

And once you try again after the ‘ritual’, it’ll work. Like magic.

Then, there’s those who say it’s also used to teach the importance of teamwork.

Split between four people, her weight wouldn’t have been more than 20kg. No matter how unfit you are, most healthy male adults should be able to lift that weight with both arms.

As long as the four people work together, they’ll be able to leave her up easily.

As for me? I’ll definitely try that game with my friends.

Imaginary friends work…right? After all, as long as you have the belief, you’ll achieve. No?

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Feature Image: Facebook (Elvin Ng)

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