Cooked Food Vending Machines Coming to Lakeside & AMK MRT as Well!

If you live in Jurong or Ang Mo Kio, and have been working late, here’s a good news: vending machine cafes are coming your way.

Last year, VendCafe launched its first vending machine café (or in other words, ready-to-eat meals vending machine) in Sengkang—to be more specific, at the void deck of Blk 320C along Anchorvale Drive. With various cuisines, it was well-received by many people, with them being allegedly out of stock during certain periods.

Think of it as a vending machine that sells just those RTE meals in 7-Eleven or Cheers—the foods are cooked in a central kitchen, chilled in the machine and when someone buys it, they’ll be reheated.


I don’t know about you, but it’s perfect for our fast-paced society when working until coffeeshops are closed is almost an everyday occurrence.

According to Channel NewsAsia, the initial plan was to have more vending machines in Rivervale and Pasir Ris (somewhere in the estate, not in the MRT stations), but when they realized that SMRT allows them to place the machine in MRT stations, they jumped on the opportunity.

And ta-da: so, from next month onwards, they’ll be in Lakeside MRT and Ang Mo Kio MRT Station instead.

Both the MRT stations are within walking distance to MANY households. While Ang Mo Kio has a “central” (i.e. markets and amenities—it’s a super old estate, yo!) just next to the MRT, Lakeside is pretty much “dead”. The nearest coffeeshop is at least ten minutes away, and the only amenity there is…well, nothing much, if you consider Yuhua Secondary School to be one.

As for the food, one of my colleagues has the opportunity to try it out last year, and here’s what she thinks: it’s really like any RTE meals out there. And let’s face it: when you’ve just knocked off from work at 11:00 p.m. and reached home at 12:00 a.m., you don’t exactly need good food. You just need food.

But to be fair, here’s a video that shows how serious the company is about their food.

Now, here’s the question: five years down the road, would we be seeing these in every MRT station?

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Featured Image: YouTube (CNA Insider)

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