Crazy Rich Asians Explained in 2 Mins by a M’sian is Better Than The Movie

Image: YouTube (Epic Asian)

If you’ve yet to watch Crazy Rich Asians, I’ve just one word for you.


Have you not witnessed the hype surrounding it? The fresh tomatoes directed at it? All your friends clamouring for you to watch it, even though you goddamn have no significant other to go with and all your bros are about the ‘hoes over bros’ concept?

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But hey, I get you. You’ve no wish to watch some movie about crazy Asians fighting for riches, and you don’t want to bend to peer pressure either. You’re insistent on not watching it, and I respect that.

Image: Tenor

But here’s the thing; you don’t have to watch the movie anymore.

Facebook page Epic Asian has released a two-minute walkthrough of the entire movie, and I’m telling you.

It’s the best thing since Jia Yuen Eating House’s Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken Rice.


Sohai Rich Asians

The video starts out with the briefest of introductions, where the narrator introduced himself as Epic Asian, and how he will talk about the latest movie sensation:

Crazy Rich Asians (CRA)

Image: Colorado Boulevard

Thereafter, he starts to talk in a really loveable (I totally don’t mean it) tone, and make light of various issues in the movie. And honestly, I loved it, though I’ve no idea why he would leave Ken Jeong out of the clip.

Probably because his voice sounds exactly like Ken Jeong’s. No idea.

Anyway, you can view the full video here:

Just don’t drink milk while watching it okay?

I don’t want you to laugh over spilt milk.

It’s filmed in… Malaysia?!

Now, if you’ve watched the movie, you would know that the lead character in CRA lives in an absolutely spanking aesthetic and utterly glamorous estate back in his country.

But for those who confuse the lead character with Ken Jeong’s character, here’s a look at the house in question.

Image: Epic Asian Youtube

Now, seeing how the movie’s supposedly set in Singapore, one would naturally expect the scene to have been filmed in… well… Singapore. And I roll along with it too, even though somewhere in the back of my head I’ve no idea where such a house could be in glamorous Singapore. Heading through a jungle to a huge ass establishment? WHERE?

But then this 2-minute sneak peek came along, and all of a sudden I was mindblown.

It was actually filmed in Malaysia??!!

Image: Epic Asian Youtube

Geezus, so it’s a film set in Singapore that was actually filmed in Malaysia?

Image: Gfycat


After watching the video, Netizens were, for lack of a better phrase, amused. And it shows.

Image: Epic Asian Facebook Page

Just check out all the satisfied customers:

Image: Image: Epic Asian Facebook Page
Image: Epic Asian Facebook Page

Appeased? Appeased.

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My life has been a lie

All my life, I’ve thought that Crazy Rich Asians was filmed in Singapore, but…


Though to be fair, two of the lead characters in the film are portrayed by Malaysians (Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh), so I can see why it kinda fits.

Anyway, if you can’t get enough of Epic Asian’s sexy, totally not annoying, like totally not annoying voice, you can check out more of his videos here.

Don’t say bojio ah!

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