Cute Rat Allegedly Appeared in AMK McD & Pest Control was Called In

Image: Twitter (@MellysaLatiff)

Always thought Ratatouille was just a cartoon?

Well, you’re wrong.

On 13 September, Twitter user MellysaLatiff shared a video on Twitter, in which a small mouse/rat could be seen sashay-ing about next to a tray of food atop a table.

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But unlike the show…

The male dude doesn’t exactly look impressed.

Surprise visitor

In case you couldn’t view the video, here’s the clip in partitioned in two GIFs, courtesy of Mothership.

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

As you can kind of tell from the first one, the rat’s trying its best to put on some cooking gloves because apparently the food’s not actually cooked (jking, please don’t be angry McDonald’s we love you xoxo).

And in the second gif, you can see the dude just standing at the back, looking around as it was some kind of a joke. Which I would do too actually, had I been in his shoes. Like really? A rat? In McDonald’s? On a table? Beside some fries? Really?

Anyway, according to the Twitter user who posted the video, the incident had transpired at the McDonald’s outlet behind Ang Mo Kio Hub (yah, that very crowded one: Ang Mo Kio-ers would know), and that the rat had actually fallen from the ceiling.

Image: Twitter

Doesn’t sound like the most magical of things honestly, to have a mouse/rat drop on your food from above.

Pest Control

But it seems that McDonald’s was quick to rectify the situation.

According to Mothership, an employee from McDonald’s confirmed that they were aware of the video, and a complaint was lodged in regards to the rat.

In response, they summoned pest control, and the rat was subsequently captured and disposed of.

“At McDonald’s, we recognise high hygiene standards as an integral part of our business and undertake a rigorous cleaning protocol, which includes regular inspections and preventive treatment for pest control,” a spokesman for the fast-food giant said.

“We take all feedback relating to the quality of our restaurants very seriously and will continue to ensure that our restaurants maintain high levels of hygiene for our customers.”

Well, I guess it’s called McDonald’s for a reason. Wouldn’t expect anything else from them following such a surprise event, in all honesty. And also…

Sorry, my animal lover friends. But I don’t think Remy survived to tell the tale to its animal pals.

Image: Tenor

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Not a Play-Play Thing

All jokes aside, a rat infestation (though you can’t really call the incident above an infestation, but you get the idea) isn’t a joke. F&B outlets could be suspended if its premises isn’t free of rats.

Stalls would receive demerit points if they’re found to be unclean, kind of like the demerit point system for drivers. A licensee that gets 12 demerit points or more in a 12-month period would have its license suspended for two to four weeks, or have it cancelled.

And the number of suspensions are rather…shocking. Just take a look at the NEA website: in this month alone (we’re not even halfway through the month, mind you), there are already two stalls being suspended. Last month, four stalls were suspended.

So, don’t play play.

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