Don’t Say Bo Jio: 51% OFF Seoul Jjimdak’s Army Stew and Jjimdak Until 31st August 2016

Korean food is all in the hype now. Other than the usual Korean BBQ which leaves you sticky and feeling oily all over, why not why out something healthier like an Army Stew or Seoul Jjimdak at a place that allows you to dine in absolute comfort? You won’t have to worry about getting grease on your clothes, or leave with your hair smelling like barbecued meat.


Conveniently located at City Square Mall, Seoul Jjimdak is all about bringing the authentic Korean dining experience to their patrons – with walls plastered with Korean murals and catchy Kpop hits playing in the background. Here at Seoul Jjimdak, you can dine in absolute comfort as all the seats are spaciously set apart from one another.





Seoul Jjimdak specializes in Army Stews and Jjimdak, where jjim refers to a Korean steamed or boiled dish and dak refers to the chicken used in the dish. The owner of Seoul Jjimdak first got the inspiration for the dish when an Ajumma first prepared Jjimdak for him in Korea, before bringing it back to Singapore and altering the taste to suit the local taste buds.

The owner and chefs are all trained in Seoul, so you’ll be sure to get a truly authentic experience there. Plus, the restaurant also offers disposable aprons and most importantly, WIFI!

Army Stew (S$33.90++)







The Army Stew (S$33.90++) at Seoul Jjimdak was huge, and very value for money. The stew is prepared with a home-made Kimchi stew using real Kimchi slices, packed with a plethora of ingredients such as luncheon meat, pork belly strips, Ttteokbokki, sausages, assorted vegetables, baked beans, tofu and even Ramyeon!

Patrons can also add on Mozzarella Cheese (+S$2.90) or Steamed white rice (+S$1.50) if they can’t take the heat from the Kimchi Stew – but trust us, it’s very bearable. One look at this and we are looking forward to our lunch already.

Mini Seoul Jjimdak (S$12.90++)



Since we were already stuffed from the Army Stew, the owner kindly offered us the mini Seoul Jjimdak (S$12.90++) option as pictured above.

The Seoul Jjimdak comes in bone and boneless options, with chicken meat braised till perfection. Other than succulent chicken meat, you can also find other ingredients like potatoes and glass noodles in the Jjimdak. You can also choose to add additional toppings like Chewy Potato Noodles (+S$2.90) or Cheese (+S$1) into your stew.

Since you are already at there at Seoul Jjimdak, why not take the chance to try the other items on the menu as well?

1. Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki  (S$11.90++)



Anything with stringy, gooey cheese goes. The Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki (S$11.90++) is prepared with sticky and chewy Tteokbokki and fish cakes, doused in a spicy sauce before garnishing it with morsels of Mozzarella Cheese. The result? Every piece of Tteokbokki evenly coated with melted cheese.

2. Steamed Egg  (S$9.90++)


The Steamed Egg (S$9.90++) is a coveted Korean dish that is mostly served as a Ban Chan, or a Korean side dish. Though simple, the light and fluffy steamed egg is extremely comforting.

3. Seafood Pancake (S$14.90++)



Crowned as one of their signature dishes, the Seafood Pancake at Seoul Jjimdak is the owner’s pride and glory, executed in a different way from most Seafood Pancakes at ubiquitous Korean restaurants. The crisp and thick pancake was generously packed with a truckload of wholesome ingredients like prawns, squid, green onions, and cheese which hit all the right spots. At just S$14.90++, this is a steal.


From now till 31st August, diners can get 51% off their Army Stews and Seoul Jjimdak when they flash this article or quote <GoodyFeed> during lunch (11:30am – 3pm). Each Army Stew and Seoul Jjimdak feeds around 2-3 pax and costs S$33.90, so you are essentially paying only S$16.60 for these humongous pots of heaven. Imagine how affordable it costs after splitting the bill with 2/3 other friends! Oh, and if you are wondering, yes, the portions still remain the same!

Seoul Jjimdak
City Square Mall, #05-04
180 Kitchener Link
Singapore 208539

Tel: +65 6634 2668

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30am – 10pm
(Last order at 9:15pm)

This article was first published on and written in collaboration with Seoul Jjimdak. 

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