Don’t Say Bojio: Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant ‘Platoon’ Army Stew For $57 (U.P. $70.50)

Okay, I can’t resist saying this: Restaurants and shops are jumping in left and right on the NS discounts bandwagon, but damn if this isn’t the most army-like promotion ever. 

Check it out for yourself.

Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant NS50 Promotion: Section Meal & Platoon Meal

Image: Ajumma Korean Restaurant Facebook page

Platoon level? Section level? Sounds like going for army cohesion siol.

For the entire month of July, NSMen can march down to Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant at The Cathay for Korean army stew at a steal!

Going there by your lonesome self? Get a section level army base stew and an appetiser and get 15% OFF food bill. Unfortunately, the discount only applies to food items, drinks are charged normally.

Or you could just do water parade at home before going there.

Going with more people? Go wild with their platoon meal then.

For $57, you get two army base stews, two beef bulgogisweet and spicy fried chicken topped with crispy Toppoki, Kimchi pancake and steamed eggs.

To redeem, either wear your uniform or flash your 11B and you’re good to go.

And despite the army sounding terms, Home Team (read: SCDF, SPF) are also included in this promo!

Just take note that for the platoon meal, only one 11B is required to enjoy the discount

However, each 11B is only entitled to one section meal.

The food portions are huge according to reviews online

And it’s not just the name of their promo that makes them so army-like. Reviews on their Facebook page also revealed that they provide enough food to feed an army.

Image: Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant Facebook page

What are you waiting for? Time to get your makan kakis down liao! 

Now tell me you don’t agree this is the most army-like NS50 promo out there today ;D

Location: The Cathay, #B1-23, 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233

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Like this deal? There’s plenty more where this comes from! 

Feature Image: Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant Facebook Page

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