Don’t Say Bojio: Cathay Pacific All-In Return Flight Tickets From $188 For UOB Cards (Until 29 Aug)

One thing Singaporeans (like me) will never get sick and tired of is searching on the net for deals.

Especially flight deals, because we all need a break from the fast-paced life in Singapore.

And do you know when you’ve hit the jackpot? When you find a deal for all-in return flight tickets.

Like the one I’m going to tell you about because good things must share mah, right?

Cathay Pacific All-In Return Flight Tickets From $188


Haven’t started planning your holidays? It might be a good time to start now. Because all-in RETURN flight tickets.

From now until 29 August 2017, Cathay Pacific airline is offering great promotions on flight tickets to over 50 destinations for UOB cards! 

That’s right, only UOB cards can enjoy these special fares. And get this, it’s all-in return flight tickets. 

That’s practically like NETT price for air tickets liao.

Fly to Bangkok from $188

I’ve been to Bangkok before on budget flights and this price cannot even be found there.

Fly to Hong Kong from $198

Always wanted to travel to the original Tim Ho Wan store? Here you go.

Fly to Korea from $528

Here’s another reason to visit the land of Kimchi, not that we really need it.

Fly to Taiwan from $418

Fly to Japan from $618

North America from $1,028

Europe From $1,288

London Bridge to cheaper, authentic branded goods, they’re all there just waiting for you.

And there are more. Holy cow.

For booking and more information, you can check them out here.

That’s like budget prices for a non-budget airline. Not too bad a find, eh?

Time to start making holiday plans liao! #DontSayBojio

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