Don’t Say Bojio: Enjoy 1 Pc Chicken and 3 Pc Chicken Tenders at $5.90 and More with Popeyes Chicken NEW Coupons (Until 3 Apr)

Can’t get enough of delicious fried chicken? Popeyes is at your service with their new promotion!

From now until 3 April, Popeyes is releasing set meals for amazing prices. At $5.90, you could be munching on 3 piece chicken tenders, or even better, their fancy Cajun Stingers. 

If you’re hungering for something sweet and spicy, their citrus chilli mayo dip will be a pleasant surprise for your tastebuds. The Cajun Stingers themselves are marinated for long periods and are said to be served fresh and warm; sounds like a great deal to me!


Besides that, if you’re looking to share the tasty Cajun Stingers with friends or family, there’re always the larger set meals. For a simple $29.80, you’ll receive not only Cajun Stingers but also their chicken drumsticks along with the tangy dip for both!

You’ll be enjoying the best of both worlds when you share the chicken breast meal with someone else! Even bigger sets offer coleslaw, fries, burgers, mashed potatoes, and honey butter biscuits along with the already delicious chicken.


You can simply flash their coupon and pick up a great meal! Head on down to the nearest outlet near you and grab a great meal with Popeyes!

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