Don’t Say BoJio: Famous Soft and Pillowy Japanese Cream Buns Finally Arrives in S’pore

If you’re still caught in the whole BAKE Cheese Tart hype, you can now move on to something else.

HATTENDO, the masterminds behind the famous cream buns from Japan is finally here in Singapore. The iconic Japanese confectionary has been around since 80 years ago, impressing many Japanese with their signature cream buns that have kept the standards high over the past few years. Their main aim? To cheer the Japanese up with sweet and delectable treats.

Now you know where to head to whenever you are feeling down because HATTENDO is here to stay in Singapore at Tanjong Pagar Centre.

At just S$2.50 each, what makes their cream buns irresistible would definitely be the soft and pillowy melt-in-your-mouth textures. Unlike the usual Japanese cream puffs, the ones at HATTENDO are made using bread as the base – so you can imagine how addictive the soft and fluffy textures can be!

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Patrons can choose from 5 different flavours like Custard, Fresh Cream, Azuki (sweet red bean paste), Matcha and Chocolate. The best part? These fillings are extremely flowy so better be prepared before you tear the buns apart! Special mention goes to the Azuki filling which is prepared from simmered Hokkaido-grown qualified Azuki sweet beans.

Facebook: HATTENDO

And if you are looking at an afternoon office snack or something more substantial, you can also opt for the S$5 set option which comes with a bun and drink of your choice!

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