Don’t Say Bojio: Get $4 OFF 3 UberPOOL Rides This Weekend! (Until 16 Jul)

Singaporeans have it tough. You’re not able to wear the tank tops you want unless you’re willing to be judged by others.

You’re not able to eat chilli crab every day because it’s expensive as hell.

And most of you don’t really have that thing called a life. Not for most of you who enters the working world.

So whatever free time you have is infinitely precious, namely your weekends.

Where every minute is important, you’d rather not spend time waiting for the bus to come along or the trains to resume operations, right?

We, at Goody Feed, totally get you. So when we heard about this, we knew it had to be shared with you immediately.

Check out what Uber is offering to Singaporeans this week!

$4 OFF 3 UberPOOL Rides This Weekend

Image: Uber Facebook Page

From 14-16 July, you can get $4 OFF 3 uberPOOL rides when you apply the promo code ‘WKNDPOOL’

The promo is valid from 14 July, 6 am all the way until 16 July 11:59 pm.

Limited redemptions available so fastest fingers win, okay?

To apply the code, select Payment from the app menu. Tap enter Promo Code and input ‘WKNDPOOL‘.

If you have multiple promotions in your account (you lucky dog, you), then the most recent promo will apply.

You’re welcome! 😉

On a separate note, Uber’s latest uberPOOL advertisement is pretty awesome. 

Every Singaporean being nice and talking to each other. That’s perfection.

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Feature Image: Uber Facebook Page

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