Don’t Say Bojio: Pasar Malam Below West Coast Viaduct on 21 Jan

Night market- an all time favourite activity for all Singaporeans. What’s more interesting about this Pasar Malam is that it also marks the start of the short-term leasing of land under the viaduct to be used for events. 

Yes, what a brilliant idea to make full use of spaces that we have!

Duct Tape Party Below West Coast Viaduct


A local night street market is to be held under the West Coast Viaduct on Saturday, January 21, from 7 pm to 1 am, located diagonally opposite The Cheese Prata Shop at 18 Clementi Road.

Called the Duct Tape Party, the market event will be featuring handmade crafts from home-grown designers, a food truck and live musical performances. Movie screenings from the Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition 2016 will also be projected on the underside of the viaduct.

And they have pretty interesting stuff there too, from learning how to create cotton candy art to drinking pink lemonade from the Butter Knife Folk, you can be sure to have an eventful night. And it’s cotton candy, what could beat that?

Creative Use of Spaces

Organised by The Local People together with Singapore Land Authority (SLA), they are constantly looking into ways to creatively adapt state land and properties for interim use. To facilitate the piloting of new concepts by social groups and entrepreneurs, the space has been fitted with electricity, as well as modular structures.

Donations of dried or canned goods from the public will also be accepted by Organisation Food from the Heart, so do come down and give your support! 

Under West Coast Viaduct (2A Clementi Road, Singapore 129803)
21st Jan 2017, 7pm – 1am 

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