Don’t Say Bojio: Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 at 33% Off & Many Other Cray-Cray Deals You Cannot Miss!

We all know about iPhone 8 and iPhone X: everyone, including our dear JJ Lin, is talking about it.

After all, where else can you find a phone that costs as much as a high-end laptop?

Now, if you have only half the budget and yet still want to get an iPhone X, read on. In fact, with your budget, you can buy many other things as well.

Shopee Mall Flash Sale to the Rescue

Heard of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2? No? It’s okay, we being your BFF has written about it here. And here’s why it would be perfect for you: it’s also known as the iPhone 8 killer. In fact, let’s up the game and call it an iPhone X killer.

Shopee, our friendly eCommerce platform, is having a flash sale on 25 September 2017 and 26 September 2017, and this iPhone X killer is going at 33% off.

Yeah, you’ve read it right.

Other than the iPhone X killer, there are various deals floating around during this two-day flash sale period. Lest you’re not aware, this is a Shopee Mall Flash Sale: having said that, the items are all sold in Shopee Mall, in which all products in the mall are 100% Authentic Guarantee, and come with Free Shipping and 15-Day Free Return Policy.

Remember, the flash deal starts at 25 September 2017, 12:00 a.m., so I would highly suggest that you camp in your app fifteen minutes before the deals. Heck, I think by now, you could be in the app every night without fail.

Alternatively, save this link. It might bring you to the homepage when you go there now, but at 25 September midnight, the door of goodies will open and you’ll be flushed with so many deals that you might just max out your credit card in ten minutes.

If you’ve not downloaded Shopee (OMG, are you friends with dinosaurs?), you can do it here (iOS or Android).

But come to think of it, it’s good to be dinosaurs nowadays. If you’re new to Shopee, you can get $7 off your first $15 purchase with this code: MALLxGF.

So, what can you expect from this flash deals? Hold on to your phone tightly and cherish this moment, because soon, you could be using a new phone.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Smartphone with 1 Month Seller Warranty at 33.12% Off

Image: Bloomberg

Original Price: $1,099
Discounted Price: $735.00

We wrote about how this phone, originally priced at SGD$1,099 in China, could potentially be an iPhone 8 or iPhone X killer, and people in the office who are Apple fanboys threatened to kill us.

But let’s let facts do the talking instead: with a whopping 6 GB Ram (this version they’re selling is the 6 GB version), Octa-core CPU and Dual SIM slots, comparing Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 with iPhone X is like comparing iPhone X with Nokia 3310 (siam-ing all the rotten eggs now).

This phone is not officially launched in Singapore yet, and we don’t know if it would eventually be distributed here, but you can now get it from Shopee.

Wait, so being first to use it in Singapore isn’t attractive enough? How about a whopping 33% off from its retail price? Where else in the world can you find a new product that is discounted?

Nowhere else except during this flash sale. At least, not that I’m aware of.

I’m already expecting some of us in the office to bring in a new phone soon #justsaying

Daniel Wellington Classic Rose Gold Suffolk Somerset Watch at 58.88% Off

Original Price: $170.00
Discounted Price: 69.90

“Who needs a watch when you’ve got your smartphone?” someone once asked me.

“A watch isn’t for you to check the time,” I replied. “It’s fashion.”

Okay, I made that conversation up but you get the idea: no one is using a watch to keep track of the time, so getting a $10 pasar malam watch isn’t going to cut it now. Instead, in the name of fashion, you should invest in a watch that represents you.

That could cost a lot, because we all want to look atas and expensive, right?

But fret not. Shopee is here to rescue you.

This beautiful and minimalist watch, the Daniel Wellington Classic Rose Gold Suffolk Somerset Watch, works well as a status symbol, and with a cray-cray 58.88% discount, it won’t break your wallet like what most elegant watches do.

The limited edition watch even comes with a one-year warranty, and guess what: it’s authenticated in Daniel Wellington VivoCity, so you can walk past the shop when you’re dating and tell your date about your watch there.

Just don’t tell her you get it at 58.88% discount, if not dinner is on you.

Huxley Hydration Trio Set at 30.03% Off

Original Price: $99.90
Discounted Price: $69.90

Okay, a beauty editor wrote that he fell in love with the brand Huxley at first try, and mentioned that after using its product for a month, his skin became brighter.

Huxley is a cult Korean beauty—wait, it’s Korean? Then don’t wait liao, just buy!

After all, it’s going at almost 30% discount. I mean, if you’re as hardworking as me and check out the prices online, you can see that it could well be more than 30% discount (the last I checked, the original price would have been up to $107).

Like what the beauty editor suggests, “Go Buy Nowww!”

KDK Stand Fan P40US at 35.43% Off

Original Price: $116.00
Discounted Price: $74.90

Here’s an old man’s advice: even if your home or office is fully air-conditioned, get yourself a fan on standby, because when shit hits the air-conditioner, at least it won’t hit the fan.

And if you’ve got only one fan in your house, get another one. Shit will eventually hit the fan and in Singapore, a room without air-conditioner and fan could melt a person. #truestory

This KDK fan would suffice: with an adjustable stand, powerful blades and a reputable brand, it’ll do the work of transforming your sauna room into a comfortable room.

With over 38% discount and free delivery, you would soon become a fan of this fan.

Huggies Gold Pants 4x Pack Bundle at 34.39% Off

Original Price: $91.31
Discounted Price: $59.90

Here’s one for the parents: diapers sales!

What more can we say? Raising a kid is an expensive affair, so this deal is going to make some parents breathe a sigh of relief. Or to be precise, breathe 38.78% sigh of relief, because other than babies’ cries, the other headache that parents often have is the high price of diapers.

And it’s Huggies. I don’t need to provide more information about this renowned brand.

Now, here’s one more reminder for you lest you get so excited that you’ve forgotten what you’ve read initially: the promotion starts from 25 September 2017 at 12:00 a.m., and will end on 26 September 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

The deals will also be in this link, which will only be active at exactly 25 September 2017 at 12:00 a.m.

And if you’re new to Shopee, don’t just gong gong buy: remember to use the promo code MALLxGF to get $7 off your first $15 purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas arh?

This article was first published in and written in collaboration with Shopee