Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Smart Earbuds Which Can Translate Foreign Languages Instantly

So here’s the deal – you’ve probably heard about the amazing Google Pixel smartphone that is going to come to Singapore very soon. (PS – Thank you, Singtel for making it happen!).

But did you hear about their spanking new earbuds? It’s way off the charts with its features. I mean, dig this out. You can wear it and get foreign languages translated for you to understand.

Star Trek’s technology has once again come a few hundred years earlier.

Here’s everything you want to know about the smart earbuds!

Image: Business Insider

Firstly, We Need to Talk About Google Pixel

Just a few days back, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai brought the spotlight on the company’s latest models for Google Pixels smartphones – Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. He had this point to say, “Computers should adapt to how people live their lives, not the other way round.”

So true.

In its signature event, Google shared that it has got a bunch of upgraded and new gizmos taking stage. There’s Google Home Mini, a simple yet power-packed speaker, Google Home Max, a high grade smart speaker, Pixelbook, Google Lens (on the new Pixel smartphones), Google Clips and last but definitely not the least, Google Pixel Buds.

Image: Liliputing

So, What Can These Buds Do?

Well, let’s check out the design first. The earbuds are wireless, BUT there’s a cord holding the two ear pieces together. This cord’s function is to support Google Assistant.

The simplified design also means that it uses mere touch control to control the audio as well as power on Google Assistant. This is done through the right earbud, by the way. While it’s been fully charged to give you the best audio feel ever, what really kicks ass is its translation features.

I mean, imagine this for a minute. No need to whip out your phone and head over to Google Translate if you’re ever stuck and in need of help in understanding a message in a different language.

As long as the buds are connected to your Android phone, you’d have access to real-time translations of up to 40 different languages.

Image: Futurism

Its Other Features

The Pixel Buds are quite sufficient – you’d be able to blast of up to 5 hours on your listening time using the smart buds with every single charge you do. The Pixel Buds also come with their very own charging case that can kick the notch up to a total of 24 hours.

At the moment, Google’s Pixel Buds come in three specific colours – Clearly White, Kinda Blue and Just Black (a…joke on Apple, yo!).

Its retail price in the State is at US$159, and is open for pre-orders there. Shipping starts in November onwards for the US market.

What about us over here leh? Well, Google has shared that it will become available here and in Australia in the later part of November.

Cannot wait leh. Hands itchy already wanna try this new smart earbuds. I wonder how dope it will be!

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Featured Image: Futurism

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