First Look at the ABTM 4 Trailer, But Something Seems…Wrong

If you’re a Singaporean, chances are high that you’ve seen at least one of the Ah Boys to Men films.

But if you’re associating it with some Inception sequel, it’s alright; I’ve got the Dummy’s guide to Ah Boys to Men right here.

Don’t be shy; I haven’t watched a single Star Wars movie myself, so I know how it feels to be a total movie klutz.

Released in November 2012, the first part of the series revolved around the BMT phase, and starred an array of stereotypical army characters: the Chao Geng, the Wayang King, the Lobang King, the Blur Cock and the Demonic Sergeant.

With a fresh ensemble of cast that put in stellar performances, and exciting soundtracks that get you grooving, the film went on to be the highest-grossing Singaporean film of all time.


The second part was released in February 2013, and it’s the direct sequel to the first.

Image: Youtube/ThunderflameZ016

The third part, while not a direct sequel, featured the same cast and was released in 2014.

This film featured Singapore’s very own Navy Frogmen, and chronicled the harsh training regiments one has to go through to call himself a Naval diver.

Image: Shaw Online

And now, we have finally reached the fourth installment in the nationwide phenomenon. And guess what? The trailer looks absolutely DOPE.

Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself.

Ah Boys to Men 4《新兵正传IV》- Teaser Trailer

They're back! Ah Boys to Men 4, rolling back into cinemas this 9 November 2017.Just a sneak teaser trailer for you guys for now, we're preparing our full official trailer and can't wait to share it!

Posted by Ah Boys To Men on Thursday, 5 October 2017

(Contrary to what I had hoped for, the characters in this film don’t seem to be the ones from the first and second. This is a real bummer, because I kinda wanted to watch Sergeant Ong and his old recruits work together.)

BUT, the approach in this new film looks pretty fresh too.

The Characters

We have Sergeant Ong, who’s the same across all plane dimensions (in this case the ABTM films).

We have Lobang King, who has dissolved from a Food Database to a NS Database.

We have Aloysius, who’s still talking with that “classy”, “refined” air.

We have Ken Chow, who has morphed from a Chao Geng to a Flirt King.

We have Handsome from the third film, and a new character called Ah Long (I wonder what he does. Hmm.)

The Master in Hilarity Martial Arts, Ip Man, is back, and the ‘God of all Buddies’ Wei Ming has also returned to the fore.

Last but not least, we have LTA Xin Yi, who’s a new addition to this series. I’m just saying, but if I had a Mdm like her back in Army, I would have reported 15 minutes early every single day. (No disrespect to my real Mdm, just in case she ever reads this)

The Action Sequences

For one, can I just mention how sick the tank scenes look?

Image: Ah Boys to Men
Image: Ah Boys to Men

And this shot just gets you hyped up.

Image: Ah Boys to Men

Not to mention the song in the backdrop that gets your feet tapping in tandem. The previous installments all had dope soundtracks (thank you Sergeant Ong!), and I have no reason to believe that this one would be any different.

But is it really realistic though?

According to insider sources (who refuse to be named…okay lah, it’s the NSmen in the office, since I’ve yet to be called back), reservist is in no way near the level of intensity presented in the trailer.

While training is just as tough, the brotherhood has always been sealed so deeply that no one “plays rank”: only during outfield does rank come into the picture when someone has to make a decision.

If not, it’s al “bro-bro” between commanders and men.

“The CSM is my friend who is promoted every ICT; the Platoon Commander is my friend whom we have lunch daily in the past and still stayed in contact in Facebook. Everyone is my friend,” he said. “I don’t know my OC’s name, so I call him Bro. Sometimes ‘sir’ when he didn’t turn his head.”

“When there’s Ops Parade, we don’t look so serious one. We sometimes chit-chat.”

When he saw the Platoon Commander giving orders in a really fierce manner, he laughed.

“Really? My PC relaxes in our bunk together, chit-chatting about his work and whatnot. You can consider everyone to be ‘BFF’ and ICT is a time to catch up on each other’s lives…kind of like CNY gathering.”

In fact, some people like to use the word “chalet” instead of “ICT” (provided that work is much more stressful than ICT).

I’ve always thought Jack Neo’s ABTM movies are very realistic, though. Or maybe it depends on units (but scolding soldiers like BMT? Hmm…)

I’m just hoping that the film won’t brainwash every reservist camp out there into incorporating the same discipline and regiments.


When is it released?

Unfortunately, we would have to wait until 9 November 2017 before we can catch it in cinemas.

But there’s one thing for sure: it will be worth the wait.

Jack Neo has rarely disappointed us before, and the cast can be trusted to get our bellies roaring with laughter.

So prepare your popcorn, because it’s the first time you would be excited to a SAF100!

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